First time, at the Mediterranean sea! Part V

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the previous parts in this series.

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So we left off on the terrace, Chryselle's sister giving me the third degree!

It took me a moment before completely grasping the full meaning of her question. She seemed to think that my appearance at "their" beach and "Karl's" football match was, somehow, planned or something.

She also had obviously somehow gathered some information about me I hadn't disclosed myself to anyone. This could only come from direct observation. For someone to observe the camping plot we had on the camping close enough to tell my folks were too old to be my parents and therefore must be my grandparents meant someone either followed me or gained information from the camping management.

After a moment of thought, I decided to play it open and honest with her.

Laying it out

"Look, all I know about Karl and "Ze Zhermans" is that they're with a group of more than well-off Bavarian Beer-associated people and that Karl is the kid of the most prominent and wealthy of the lot," I told her. Holding her teacup in two hands before her face, I couldn't tell what she was thinking.

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"What I know about you and your sister, mostly from how the local people here respond to you and from what you told me in your question, is that your parents must be pretty important around here. I also know that your sister is something of a local social celebrity and there is something going on between her and Karl." I said, divulging the breath of my knowledge, careful to leave out anything Charles wanted me to keep to myself.

Though I thought I could see a little smile peeking out from behind the teacup I decided to go on and answer her questions to the point.

"But yes, I am here with my grandparents purely by chance, to spend our vacation at the Mediterranean sea. We've spent last week wandering along the coast looking for a free spot, and we finally found one here at the camping. Pure luck, we now know not to come here without reservations next time." I said putting up my hands to show I realize now how stupid it had been of us to just drive there and assume we'd find a free space. All I could tell from the lady across the table from me was that she was listening intently and with some amusement. So I went on.

"Before yesterday I knew nothing about Cap d'Agde, never heard of Karl or his bunch nor had I ever heard of or seen you and your sister. And yes, I had agreed to join the football event this morning, not knowing I'd run into Karl and his buddies again." I finished, taking a sip of my drink and leaning back in my seat. Before she could respond I decided it was time for me to ask some questions.

"Now it's my turn. Why did you ask me that question? What did you think was going on? You've managed to learn a lot about me and my folks in a short time, including things I didn't tell anyone around here. Have you been watching me since yesterday?" I asked, machine-gunning my questions to get them all out before she interrupted.

She set her cup down and looked at me for a few moments before shaking her head. "No, I'm not buying it. The way you look, the way you and your parents set up your caravan and your space at the camping, the gear you've got, and the way my sister acted towards you yesterday…It doesn't add up to…well.…you." she said.


I was taken aback for a moment, not having expected her to remain skeptical about me and my presence after what I had told her.

"Ok, so then enlighten me, please. Who am I, who are my parents, and what are we doing here?" I asked, getting somewhat annoyed. "Cause obviously I am not who I claim to be right?" I added sarcastically.

She considered it for a few moments before answering.

"Well, you dress and act like some average middle-class tourist, blissfully unaware of everything. Nevertheless looking at the caravan, the car, the tent, and everything you came here with, you're not middle class but your parents are actually quite wealthy. You speak three languages, one of which happens to be German. That makes you the first non-German I've ever met with that skill. I also happen to know that you can handle your weed, and certainly not a first-time smoker." she said, like reading out bullet points.

"And you show up, on the first day you supposedly ever spent in the area, strolling onto "our" beach pretending to accidentally stumble across it. Over the last five years, no one has ever set foot on that beach without being guided by one of us or at least having gotten directions from one of us. You also happen to do exactly the right things to antagonize Karl's buddies, annoy and interrupt Karl which is the most effective way to draw the attention and interest from Chryselle. Chryselle even went into "conquer mode" on you, and who knows how far she'd have taken that if I hadn't interrupted." She said, explaining her…deductive reasoning.

suddenly she got up from her seat and pointed her finger at me. "I might not know precisely what your game is and which team you're playing here but I know you didn't just happen to show up here buddy. I'll be watching you, and if I find out you're going to get my sister in trouble, some way, I'll be there to stop you!" she said, raising her voice enough to turn some heads towards our direction. Then she picked up her purse and walked away fuming.


It was fortunate I had brought my wallet so I could pay the bill, which was pretty steep, she had stuck me with by walking away. Obviously, the proprietor of the establishment had changed his mind about our order being on the house when he had seen her walk away angry. I didn't care though. I had enough money to spend, being on vacation and all and I was eager to put it all behind me, so I went looking for Charles.

That's it for now, to be continued in part VI! I think I will finish this story in part VIII for those wondering how long the stories is going to be.

Thanks for reading this!

Stay safe and stay happy!


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