Feels like a loved one died. Resolve in Processes Rusty!

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1 year ago

Saw it coming but still got blindsided by this news.

Phew... that one I felt right here, right in the feels. We knew it was coming from the moment we crossed our paths, sometimes denying it to ourselves, but it still hit me like a tonn of bricks when I read Rusty's last article..

Please extend some of your love to my sponsors. They deserve it as much as anyone!

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A lot stirring inside me now, let's let it all out.

But ofcourse not before the thankyou bit!

First of all i think it would be inappropriate for me to start with anything else than the gratitude I feel for having been allowed to be part of, and have a better life because of, read.cash. I am greatfull to the dev who stuck it out even though he'd known it wasn't going to work pretty early on. Thank you to all the readers here, thank you to the genuine authors that found their passion here and became better, if not outright good writers.

Thank you!

I want to thank those who've read my articles, those who commented and those who tipped me. I want to thank all the authors whom i've read pieces from. But most of all i want to thank the man that changed the lives of me and my son for the better soo much, the man that touched so many lives of people on this platform and made their lives better, the man that put his money where other's mouths were to become the largest funder of this platform:

Thank you @MarcDeMesel

Thank you @MarcDeMesel for taking a chance on this platform and investing so much of your own capital in the idea with which the site was built. Without you there'd been no Rusty, not having had time to develop, evolve perhaps, from the starting points system that got sucked dry from the hustlers, hacks, lamers and leeches.

Thank you for the fund.

The fund you created from which the randomrewarder drew its budget was both the death knell of read.cash as well as it's caregiver keeping it alive as long as it lasted. So thank you for taking that chance.

Most greatfull i am for:

But above all i have to personally thank you for the reward you awarded me on my three-piece article "my miserable life, a cautionary tale". That reward made all the difference at the right moments and quite frankly... You saved my life.

Some of you thought i've had written and posted about publicly, every sinlge thing i had done with that reward Marc gave me.

I know how to keep secrets though!

Ofcourse maybe you've read somethings about what happened to that money, and feel somewhat dissapointed in it and me for not turning it into a steady 2nd line of income or better.

Some chided me in pm's for my openness but i think i can at least reveal there were some things that i kept off the record, and invesments i made that i felt no bodies business. And if all i've done was written about and posted here i would agree. But ofcourse there were some things i didn't write about.

We all know that if they want to the government, police and military can read every single keystroke you make online or offline. So there have been some things i did that didn't get written down. And some of those things, my little secret projects, turned out to be not entirely unsuccessfull. Don't get me wrong, i'm not in the market for my lambo yet!

During the ATH times/

At ATH read.cash enabled me to spend 60€ per moths on the time he was allowed to finsih.

In fact at the ATH point here on read.cash i'd average about 60€ for a month's worth of posting from my tips and sponsors. ie. i received 60€ each month i would not have had if i didn't post on read.cash.

[Software failure guru meditation $c004f_Ef90sanp;ikavndf-afpaf;]

At his moment there is a semi-automated AI kind of thing that is does some stuff when the right situation trigger is pulled, which then launches it and it s communiy but is guided at difficult times to prevent it from getting stuck in loops or caught up in a stack overfow. We can do this, togethger, come on gwadderin and generating an average of 100€ per month. I really can't say more. i've said to much already.

It's so sad i cannot expand upon it beyond this because if i did i'd risk exposing some people and practices that woul exposes someone else's shit dont du risk to loose more than just their income.

But i wouldn't have been able to accept that invite or become part of this... group if it hadn't been for Marc DeMesel's generous tips, and my life wouldn't have been this mixing roller-coaster it was now but a straight nose dive of 90 degrees toward the surface and a crash through that surface almost atom by atom. I was near self implosion at that time.

Marc gave me energy and will to fight on a little longer.

The generocity Marc showed me, and my son, have anabled me to aquire a scooter, a new computer (1st gen ryzen and radeon 400 series), new kitchen appliances like the fridge, the microwave/combi, the coffee maker and the DJ-Controller console and tikets to some of the most awesome parties/festivals i've ever experienced. It gave me back a social life through the scooter and i am mostly 91,835% more happy than i would have been without @MarcDeMesel !!!

So yes, i celebrate the life of read.cash with more passion than i will mourn its passing. And yes, if i am being honest i do not see the site stay alive more than a month after Randy stops smoking for good.

The exodus of the read.cash already begun.

The stats already show the abandoning ship has started already. Pretty soon from the 444 daily users there will be only a 100 left (that's optimistic!) who all know each other and soon enough will start to flutter to other platforms that catch their fancy. At some point the site's hosting and domain registration need to be payed to its providers and then the site will go down eventually.

Honor the read.cash times, and the people we were.

Sad but no less then the reality we live in. The best way we can honor read.cash, it's life and our time here together is respect it, remember it, and apply the things we've learned here together somewhere else.

Try to take the best of read.cash and its remarkably wonderfull community with you, make it part of you and try to infuse it into everything you do, and everywhere you go.

Thank you all soo much!

For me personally, i'm not sure yet. I'm feeling "let'survive this depressing happy season, try and celebrate new-years by partying like it's 1999 and then take an inventory on January 2nd to see where we're going from there." is the most probable scenario i can see unfolding.

Alone for CHRISTmas and the last days of the year, free from friends or family to destract me from my depressing thoughts and to make sure i drink enough to keep them depressing.
Then out of nowhere some one some how shall pop up out of the quantum foam to create a partycle out of nothing, we'll party all night and when come morning the partycle shall dissapear and become nothing again, and never have existed at all.

Thank you for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy (have an awesome time during Christmas and i wish 2023 to be the best year it could ever be and on top of that bring to all of us the things we're still due from 2019, 2021 and 2022!


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1 year ago


Let me correct you there. Marc didn't advise me or anything. With tip i meant the bch reward, not tip in the form of advise.

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1 year ago

I really don’t understand everything you’re talking about in this article, as maybe I wasn’t here or maybe I didn’t read the mentioned articles, but I can feel your genuine gratitude flowing between all the sentences and I am very happy that this platform has save you and/or your family and that you’re still here with us.

It’s sad to see 90% less notifications just 2 days after the announcement, but on the other hand I get to see and notice more, like this article that would probably be covered by 100’s of other notification.

I’m happy that I read it though and please don’t feel bad or judged for whatever you did with your tips. It was clearly necessary and I’m 100% sure that when you can, you will pay this forward. We never forget good deeds towards us 💙

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1 year ago

Although I joined ReadCash only 12 months ago, I can feel your feelings. I haven't seen random rewards that much, but the generosity of the sponsors of the platform must be given big kudos. I thoroughly enjoyed reading your ReadCash memory.

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1 year ago