Am I racist or is woke broken?

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1 year ago

All right, it seems that one way or another the topic of this article is going to have to be addressed by me. The sheer increase of "noise" about it is getting so ridiculous that just flicking through channels to see what's on confronted me with 5 channels where the topic was in either a talk show, documentary, or panel discussion.

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Artificial Intelligence under woke control.

Even the AI writing assistant algorithms cannot come up with anything less woke than:

The Dutch prime minister is set to apologize for the country's involvement in the Atlantic slave trade. However, not everyone is happy about this gesture. Some feel that it is long overdue, while others believe that it does not go far enough in atoning for the Netherlands' role in the horrific practice. Regardless of the mixed reactions, it is clear that the Dutch government is taking responsibility for its history – and that is to be commended.

Written with ParagraphAI.

That's not going to help to remain a critical subjective journalist!

The thing with the topic is that one little moment of lapse in the scrutiny of every little word you utter can brand you a right-wing nazi fascistic racist. That's because of the woke army that pounces on every little bit of (often perceived) offense with a vengeance employing shock and awe tactics. And yeah, if out of nowhere one of your social media accounts get's raided by about 70 to 80 woke-army soldiers who are all out to shut you down and get you to flee the social media I can say that it is a form of shock, and awe.

Raided by woke-warriors actually got the channel to become a Youtube partner!

It's very scary, though on the other hand very exciting as your channel's stats do get a booster! In the case in which I was involved it really launched the channel, the woke-army strike resulting in such an uplift in views and watched minutes that Youtube's algorithm decided to feature the channel... Boom they were off.

In hindsight...

N0w 7 months later the channel broke the 500k mark in subs!! But still, at the time, I remember turning off all location information I could find and still found myself looking out the window just to make sure there weren't any left-wing terrorists out there.

But that is not what I need to discuss today. What I need to discuss, because apparently, I'm the only one in this country that hasn't yet, is the announcement by our government that they're going to apologize officially for the slave trade the Dutch were involved in. This goes straight into the face of one of my most fundamental principles in life.

I feel everyone is accountable for their actions, and face the consequences of their actions. One can only be held accountable for their own actions.

One cannot be held responsible for the acts of others, including family.

So in my view, all I can do, all I can be expected to do, is acknowledge that the slave trade was horrible and one of the darkest pages in the history of our nation. If I ever happen to meet anyone that was part of that slave trade I will certainly confront them with their crimes and make sure I do everything in my power to see those responsible for the crimes that were committed are punished by the fullest extent of the law.

And me?

I've never enslaved another human being, bought or sold a human being nor forced another human being to do work they didn't want to do.

I've never had anything to do with the slave trade or organized (or unorganized) forms of slavery. I am therefore not accountable for any damages the slave trade may have caused, and therefore I have nothing to apologize for. No one alive today can truly be held responsible for any activity that an ancestor three four or five generations separated from us. No one alive today was alive then.

So a formal apology will be made by Mark Rutte?

#notmyapology #nothingtobesorryfor

And what's my response to those seeking not only apologies but compensation for damages?

In other words but saying the same:

Ah hell NO! "Nein nein nein nein nein nein nein!!!"

Dig up my great great great grandfather, and ask him about it, I think he had a maritime career during those days.


I can go weeks of interaction with other people, including a broad range of "the opposite of caucasian races", and not once have any thoughts that were in any way inappropriate, let alone fascist or racist! In fact, I've gone through months of my life during which I not even once had any thought relating to skin color.

No one brought it up in conversation with me, nor did I, and I am sure no one got discriminated against nor did anyone discriminate against anyone else. I think it is clear that I have nothing to apologize for and I take responsibility for MY actions and face their consequences.

Problem is that the prime minister will be making that apology in the name of our nation, our country. I.E. in the name of all the Dutch people. That includes me, and that's why I am so very much against a government apologizing for things that transpired long before anyone alive was born.

There is also another aspect to the whole discussion now storming up the internet and social media and that is the lack of historical awareness and context when it comes to who exactly is the group of victims we should consider owed an apology and compensation.

If the victims of the Atlantic Slave trade are compensated, I wasn't compensated too!!

Because if the eligibility requirements are defined as "any descendant of a victim of slavery in the late middle ages through to the late 19th century" I guess it is time for me to rise and join the cause.

I descend from a former slave too, and whiteys don't get no whiter than me!

I am a direct descendant of a so-called "Christian Slave". The majority of those captured in raids and sold at the north-African slave auctions were captured and enslaved by the Ottoman Empire during one of their many many raids on coastal settlements, villages, and towns or (and) the pirating of European ships that came through the Mediterranean sea.

Part of the loot from ships was its crew!

My ancestor was captured aboard an escort vessel that was protecting a couple of cargo ships on their way to Alexandria. He was made a Galley slave, arguably the worst fate that any slave, of any of the slave-trade organizations, can be damned too.

The worst fate of any slave anywhere:

A Galley slave was chained to the bench he sat on and the ore he was assigned to. There the slave would eat, live, work and recreate his or the ship's entire life. And yes, they relieved themselves there as well. They had little choice.

It's not like we're talking about hundreds or thousands here either!

The best estimates say that almost 1,5 million caucasian humans have been made slaves and sold during that era, which was contemporary to the Atlantic slave trade. But does anyone ever mention them, and not be placed under siege by the woke army lately? No, no one ever does, because they know that if they do they're spending a lot of time defending themselves against stupid dumb fucks lobbing accusations, innuendo, and pure slander vomited from the woke artillery.

And sure, the 1,5 million is a small number compared to the Atlantic trade numbers. But their fate was no different from that of African slaves transported to and sold to the colonies in the Americas. Their destination was a dry, hot and uncomfortable desert, instead of the warm, tropical, pleasant Caribbean area.

Both were robbed of their freedom, their family, their possessions, and their free will. Both were unfairly and inhumanly by their enemies after which they learned their own Grand Admiral had betrayed them all for the sole purpose of self-enrichment.

Okay, I think this has already outgrown which is the best practice for an article or post to be. That means that tomorrow or the day after that you will find here PART II of this article. That will be the one in which I will take some statements and give my opinion on them and in which I explain how they differ from those which woke's army brands "the only civilized..."

But this article will have given you the means to guess the bulk of my views already, so a huge cliffhanger will not be for you. The trick is gonna be if you view my opinions and views as racist or not. Personally i'd be fine even without a second part. There is not a racist word in this article... except for maybe the word racist... ok...

Thank you for reading this!

Stay safe and stay happy!

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1 year ago


One of the problem and still many people are affraid are racist that cause not so good to us sometimes they cause in fighting. It is better to treath respect each other and show the love to one another even we are in a diferent appearance

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1 year ago

As long as you are not a racist, your prime minister apologizing on your behalf although it indirectly means you all were wrong but it shouldn't be much of a problem.

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1 year ago

While I agree 100%, sometimes an apology, even two centuries later, can ease tensions and become a factor for reconciliation and constructive partnerships.

Of course, every Dutch today condemns these horrible practices and the Netherlands today is an exemplary country.

You explained what should be common sense, but on the other side, there are populists in other places using history to supplement bs narratives.

N0w 7 months later the channel broke the 500k mark in subs

Channel link?

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1 year ago