2022? My strategical planning of operational tactics!

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One more time in this year 2021 i'd like you to give my sponsors some attention! They deserve it!

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Pre - words:

Just like every year I follow a certain rhythm, or order, in which I usually struggle through the CHRISTmas days in a depressed mood and grumbling humbug and what not. It's in those days I usually do my lookback thing at the year that has gone by. Then I must seem like I fall off the planet for my social circle because the 27th, 28th, and 29th I tend to have a total blackout. No phone, no emails, no messengers no nothing.

Those wondering why haven't read much of my articles and those who do need no further explanation. Alright alright, settle down already. I'll explain shortly: My ex wife told me on the 24th she didn't love me anymore, she told me she'd been cheating on me for 6 months on the 25th, on the 26th she told me she'd be leaving me and on the 27th she was gone. On the 31st I was told to drop off our son at her new address 300km away, or loose my son through court and never see him again.

I know it doesn't make sense but the 28th, 29th and 30th were the weirdest days in my life and I never want to forget how I felt, what lead to me feeling like that and how they ignited the berserker rage inside me to make it through, ready to fight, crush and destroy all opposition from the 2nd of January. Those three days are special, weird but ritually important, and I don't read emails, take calls, read messages or anything. I don't even answer my door when the bell rings.

And then I turn my attention to the future.

On the 30th I always force myself to put the past behind me, and look ahead instead of behind. The 30th is the day for making the broad strategic planning for the coming year, after which it I go clean the house thoroughly and start final preparations for the new-years eve.

This year is no different, and so without further adoo.....

The 2022 plan:

  • Double down and focus on the studying for the two Microsoft certificates I been offered to acquire, to improve my CV and my chances to get a job.

  • Double down on getting a steady full time job in IT Support before the end of the year.

  • Become debt free and have a judge officially end my "onder bewind stelling" and regain control and responsibility over my own life again.

  • clear out the back yard and prepare it for use during the summer for barbequeue and swimming pool.

  • Attend at least 2 large hardcore raves. If this isn't possible in the Netherlands because of stupid government covid shit, like the past 2+ years, then somewhere outside of the Netherlands.

  • Loose 30 Kilograms from my body.

These 6 points will be my major goals for the coming year. They're the primary objectives, which take priority over everything else. Besides those there are some other things I'm going to try and achieve. The secondary objectives.

Post at least 2, preferably 3 articles per week on read.cash and 
improve the quality as well as the subscriber base.
Continue to do what I can to improve BitCoin Cash awareness, 
adoption and break through the resistance and opposition to BCH.
Keep a closer eye on new developments in BitCoin Cash or SmartBCH
in order to be able to benefit from early participation!
Increase the range and density of my social circle,
participate more in my local community.
Continue to perform my duties as Executive Officer of the USS Ares project in the United Federation of Planets (www.ufplanets.com)
iincreasing the number of active players, enjoy cooperative writing.
Enjoy witnessing The Netherlands winning the 2022 World Cup in Qatar.
Enjoy witnessing (and experiencing on Circuit Zandvoort) Max Verstappen's 2nd World Champion title in Formula 1

And of course being the best father I can be for my son. Being the father he needs, more than the father he wants.

Final words to all members, old and new, here on read.cash for this year:

First of all: Thank you @MarcDeMesel !

I want to express how grateful I am to mr. @MarcDeMesel for all he's done for BitCoin Cash, for read.cash and for Noise.cash in general but specifically for the kindness and generosity he bestowed on my articles earlier this year. It gave me the opportunity to make my Son extra happy for a while, and it showed my that it is physically possible for me to experience good fortune in this Universe. It was the motivation I sorely needed at that point in my life to re-ignite my fight to get out of my financial, social and legal downward spiral.

The most valuable that @MarcDeMesel gave me wasn't even the BitCoin Cash, but the proof that good things could happen to me too, that some one cared, that some one was willing to help me.

For a large part it was the booster shot of positivity and motivation that lead me to the position where I am now in which I can see a realistic and achievable end to my debts within the coming year, and have a reasonably good chance of getting a full time, long term job in IT-Support, which would bring my life back to "The happy era" for 80%.

After that, all I could want for is a woman to love that loves me, with whom i can share the rest of my life.

Thanks @ Sponsors @Pantera- @Jane - @LucyStephanie - @ErdoV - @scottcbusiness !!!!

I also want to express my appreciation and gratitude to my sponsors here on read.cash! Your continued support is one of the biggest drivers that keep me motivated to post whatever I write here on this site! I love you guys, and hope I can live up to your expectations in 2022 as well!

Final Thanks:

Lastly I want to thank the whole read.cash community for everything you did and everything you are. Over the past year you've grown from unknown nobodies into a community of unknown nobody family I have confided more personal details than I've ever have, including real family and best friends. Thank you for being read.cash people!

May 2022 be so awesome for y'all that children in 3022 will learn about how awesome 2022 was in history class!!

Thank you for reading this.

Stay safe and stay happy!


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Loved reading your post, very open and transparent. I guess the work is cut out for 2022, more power to you mate. I liked the part where you said - being the father that your son needs, as opposed to the father that he wants..!

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2 years ago

Advance happy new year 🙂

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2 years ago