Communication is the best policy

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In this times of pandemic the communication is very important in our every day life as it lessens the stress or anxiety that every individual that could get in this hubbling time of pandemic.

One way of communication is the interacting inside your own home as every family member should know on what is happening and what are the situations on each family member. As me being a father in my own house I always make sure that I communicate very well with my family, I start first with my wife as I always giving her my genuine love that our communication with each other is very deep that just by our body movement of each other we actually already know what is the message we want to give on one another. And also in our two children as in these time of pandemic at their ages of 14 and 6 it is really very difficult and different situation for them, as they cannot go outside of our house and cannot do the things we are doing before like every Sunday after we finish every mass in the church we go direct to a near mall and shopping some groceries and let them play in the amusement park. And also the new normal on their education now that has been distance or online learning, that me and their mother are guiding and monitoring them on their online classes.

Another way of communication now and the most popular nowadays is the communication through social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a lot more of social media platforms. Here unlike the communication inside your own home, this is a communication that levels up by the modern technology that becomes very high tech now. As you can greet and chat with your family and friends that are far away with you but by the use of this high tech communication it helps you to feel that they are just very near and next to you. But one thing I don't like in this is by other people who will message like How are you? then after they will just borrow money or will only just message if they just need something from you which is very awkward at this time and even at any given time.

But what still's the best communication especially in this time is our communication with GOD that it should always be there no matter what the situation we are having in our life, because if we are always keep in touch with GOD every big problem is nothing as he can erase it all as long as you keep your faith in him. So that is it for my article than you so much and keep safe everyone.

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Good article thanks

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