10 Amazing powers in real Life

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10 Extra ordinary people that have special powers, who are this people's and what Special powers they do have? Well in this article of mine I will share you the 10 People's that have an extra power so let's start.

1: Al Herpin

We are using almost 60 percents of our lives in sleeping, based on the studies 24 Hours of no sleep we are already having hallucinations and that is why the Experiments recommends that having a long time lack of sleep could end the life of An individual. And the ability of Al Herpin to not sleep is the reason why he is on this List. And he was known as the '' The man who never sleeps''. He was born on January 1, 1862 and lives in Trenton New Jersey, it was actually reported that Herpin Actually never sleeps in the whole 94 years of his life. He will go home from work, Then he will read newspapers until the next morning and then he will go to work Once again with out getting any sleep. He dies on January 3, 1947 in the age of 94 Years old. But his ways of not sleeping does not have any connection of his deceased. There is no such evidence from the experts on this case but they have theory that This happens at the time when his mother suffered an brain hemorage at the time His mother still pregnant for him.

2: Veronica Seider

She is from Germany, and her power are his supervision, her eye sight is very far Compare to the eye sight of a normal individuals. An ordinary people could see up to 20 Feet far, Seider could see and still able to recognize a person with a distance of 5,280 Feet amazing! The normal human eye have a vision of 20/20 but her vision is 20/2 Despite the fact of having a extra human abilities she is still doing her best to Live on a normal life, like he pursuit to become a dentist.

3: Wim Hof

He is popular known to the called as '' Ice Man'' he has already set 3 Guinness World Records, the first in year 2000 for the most distance of swim under water with ice. The second was on 2007 for the fastest half marathon in ice and snow that is bare Footed. And the third one is when he make 16 times under the water with ice direct And full body contact on it. He also managed to climb the Mount Everest up to 22,000 Feet with only shorts and shoes he are wearing on his body. But he did not Able reach the top of Mount Everest because he suffered a foot injury.

4: Gary Turner

He was called the real life elastic man because he have a Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. He owns the Guinness World Records as the World's most strechthiest skin. He beat The old record when he was able to stretch his skin from his belly up to 6.25 inches With out feeling any pain. Aside from being a circus performer, he was able also to Perform in a one short film titled '' He took his skin off for me''

5: Rathakirshnan Velu

He is a very strong person that actually he can managed to Pull a train by just using his teeth. He managed to pull a train by his teeth with the Train weighing 297.1 tons or almost 270,000 kilos with a distance of 2.8 meters on The year 2007. But before that on October 2003, he had also do the same stunts with 260.8 Tons train pulled using his teeth with a distance of 4.2 meters.

6: Ben Underwood

His ability is almost same like Batman so that is why the Batman in real life. He got Sick at the young age of 3 years old so he undergone an operation with his eye and That resolves to lost his ability of sight. As Ben grows up his mother notice that Ben Always do some clicking sounds while playing and even when climbing a tree. Despite of his disability to see, his mother noticed that Ben could still able to see. But The clicking sounds that he is doing is called the echolocation that also use by bat's While they are in a dark cave for them to be able to see.

7: Liew Thow Lin

He is very popular all over the world as known as the "Magnet Man" he have a Different ability to attracts magnetics things to his body same as Magneto of the Xmen. He has already displayed his ability to a lot of charity events, he has able to Attracts magnetic objects in his body up to 36 kilograms and he also managed to Attract one car in one occasion. Based on the scientist his body don't have any Magnetic field. His unique ability is because of very high level of friction of his skin. It is considered genetic because it also seen on his 3 grand children.

8:Kevin Richardson

He is a sanctuary owner which was known and dubbed as the "Lion Whisperer" His Communication with wild animals is very amazing like hyenas and lions, along with 2 Lion who attacked one girl but he able to control it under his command. That is Why He has featured in lots of magazines and documentary on his amazing way of Communicating with wild animals which includes his documentary on 2010 entitled "White Lion" which starred a native young white lion.


She is from Russian and was born on 1987, her power is extra ordinary because he Posses like an x ray vision that could able to see a things until inside the body part of An human, that is why he also sees the organ and tissues of all the human beings. In An early age of 10 years old she could made already medical readings and on 2004 She studied in a University in Moscow. And on 2006 she started to work in Center of Special Diagnostic of Natalya Demkina that has a goal to cure sickness with the help Of not only medical professionals but also with people with an special abilities like Natasha have.


Is a person who is immune in all kinds of electricity shocked. He discovers his Hidden ability when was 16 years old. He was then trying to fix a cable of one power Supply and an accident happens but apparently he was neved get electric shocked on That sequence. Aside from being immune he can also managed to light a normal Light bulb just by using his bare hands. Afterwards he have managed to controlled The electrity that circulates on his body and then use it as an electro therapy and Massage to other people

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haha i man who never sleep? for real i think i need that powers too

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This is a nice article...good one

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Wow these humans are really exceptional

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