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SmartBCH chain users are in danger since bitcoin cash withdrawal on Coinflex is stopped, here is the conversation me and my friend talk about it.

-I used the Bolivar Bridge to transfer BCH

Now, what's a good dex to swap from bcBCH to BCH?

I didn't explain myself well, my bad. I mean that on BSC, not on sBCH. But overall, how do I move my BCH from sBCH to the main chain? I reckon bridges are not working at the moment, that's why I moved them to BSC

-Swap your bep20 token to BNB using pancake and then use or to swap it to Main-chain BCH

-Coinex is not recommended now, as its founder are in regulatory trouble and users are reporting BCH withdraw being held up.

-Agreed, but it’s working and BCH withdrawal is open, and im just putting all available not for recommending

-So Coinex opens withdraw of BCH now?

in the history, this BCH withdrwal suspension has happended quite many times. (not first time ever) and eventually they made open again

there had not yet like dafult situation like CF in CoinEX yet so i can’t blame until it happens

Coinex now is quite in the same situation as OKex in 2020, when the founder temporarily caught by Chinese police. The founder manages the pri-keys. When founder in prison and no one can withdraw coins from the exchange.

So all token withdraws are disabled? Or the founder only strictly controls the BCH keys for some reason? Could be a cold storage only issue, I suppose, like other tokens will get there...

the founder is Yang Haipo and run by ViaBTC mining pool, Yang HAipo is the one who triggered BCC( old ticker before BCH) /BTC hardfork, and they have BCH market, and some other blah blah. we all be cautios against CEX no matter what. no key no mine

- I think the best way should be deposit your bep20 bch to binance, while you need KYC binance account for that.

- Just swap BCH(bep20) to BNB using pancake swap. Then BNB to mainchain BCH using or I try to avoid CEXes if I can. I only use them from ramping in and out of crypto or for trading.

-Banning people is not good for anyone in these times. Especially if the thief is allowed to stay

-I agree. Just messing with him because he is so fond of saying people are spreading falsehood and then proceeds to ban them

-To pretend sbch is fine and marketable as is , does not make the situation better . We need our bch in proper hands

- We only know it’s CEX, we have no info on how they handle KYCs, pri keys and every single dirty bits behind their secrets. So be cautiuos with CEXs

What about gucci, where is his project? Run away?

-Perhaps, although I don't think he delivered anything from the roadmap yet. No Kings mint, no staking, no game nothing (which was all being worked on), and it's been over half a year now. But ah well we'll see, nothing else we can do

Could be FUD, but wanted you to have the opportunity to DYOR before it turned out not to be.

-What about ben?

-Could've just been about the old accusations of Ben killing other dexes by dumping their tokens. They could theoretically be using those staked tokens in LP on other dexes. Not sure that makes sense, though, would depend on the contract that staking uses. If it's even possible (regardless of whether it's possible with Ben contracts), he would likely know as a MistSwap dev. that's partly a misrepresentation and not being entirely honest, wanting to shift some part of the blame for bad tokenomics. For example I remember that ember token had already done -90% in 1 - 2 days before ben decided to dump whatever value was left, but tbh one can't even defend ben entirely, for example I didn't even believe the whole narrative about ben manipulation, until a ben address dumped tokens like joy heavily (from 10 cents to under 1 cent lmao) when he was in panic and was exiting sbch. tho yeah, such a strategy involving single side staked tokens and using them in farming elswhere is f*cking horrible if true

-Too bored to do on-chain forensics and see if that was the case or not, cause it involves a contract and it should have internal tx as well, so more messy

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I see mostly token now stopping withdrawal because of the current situation of the market and also price decreasing day by day

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Yeah, that's right

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