Staking or Locking

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1 year ago
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Staking lock won’t solve and won’t help to achieve anything. That’s not what determines the success. It even won’t help price wise. You should develop to grow and you should respect your community (especially the loyal and early members) to keep positive energy no matter what PA is at the moment. There’s bunch of beautiful projects that down big times but the community is still there supporting because of the trust that based on hard working team that respect the community. Look at the early shibes vesting - the team prolonged it by 4 years out of a sudden (of course most of early shibes voted “no” but there just very few of us compared to the rest of holders, so early shibes couldn’t impact really) = most OG holders/community members turned negative. And the moral is: the monthly vesting now is only 1/4 of what was initially planned but look at the price, does it help? Absolutely not. Now look at the price action when 1st large airdrop happened, did it ruin anything? Nope. Actually most OGs were buying more from the market (like me). So did the prolonged vesting worth the cost which is lost trust by most of OGs that aren’t supporting much anymore and some just sold their extra bags they bought early because of that move? So don’t rely on staking lock - that’s not what drives projects. There’s just two important things: development and trust. Ok and hype, that’s the third.

so one way to create trust is lock tokens for longer period.

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I just redeem the Bch that I lock for a longer time

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