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It is not a suggestion as much as it is precaution. The SPV has formally demanded CoinFLEX to return all the treasury BCH to smartBCH protocol."

They had a solution that you ignored in August, now there is even SmartBCH Alliance and you still contradict your statement from 2021 and refuse to "handover" the funds. Hence, whatever you state on Reddit or Telegram has 0 weight as you are a liar.

Either the "plans" are outlined in the undertakings and legally binding, or they will need to have already happened and can be cryptographically proven. Anything less than that is just a promise from a proven liar.

If by "They had a solution that you ignored in August" you're referring to breaking our legal obligations to other creditors and treating SmartBCH holders above everyone else, that's not a solution that was ever going to work.

We've worked closely with Kui Wang's lawyers and the SmartBCH Alliance's lawyers on this solution (proposed in this term sheet) and it's something that works for all sides and restores the bridge.

If you're trying to use the statements from October of last year as some kind of evidence that I'm a liar that makes no sense - we became insolvent as a result of this defaulting customer and situation. So we could not honour our liabilities, including the things we'd like to do and the planned to do.

We were always planning to handover the bridge (and in fact, still planning to do that to the Alliance). I didn't lie about that or anything with respect to this.

I'd like to remind everyone to add this address to your metamask wallet: 0x7cb4E8c7A6f16165604522cE995189858f4cb6Ee

This is the contract address for CFV-BCH, which you all will have received if you hold any BCH on the SmartBCH network. You'll have received roughly 115.43 CF-BCH per 1 BCH you hold.

These are the vote tokens issues to SmartBCH BCH holders. You can't transfer them or sell them, but you can use them for the upcoming vote that will start this coming Sunday and end this coming Tuesday.

More information here: coinflex

Video on how to vote here:

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