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Unfortunately, problems due to CoinFlex stopped the development, everything stopped on smart BCH, and projects and users switched to DogeChain. The point is that we have questions about what is the right thing to do with the projects (NFT projects such as PunkApes, Reaperville, Panda and etc.), is it ok for the owners to create the same project there and for the smart BCH users who have invested money to be left with nothing ?!

We will consider several situations and proposals and you yourself as the BCH community and investors decide what is the best option for project owners, users and investors.

  1. That the owner of the NFT project in smart BCH made a new minting in DogeChain from the beginning.

    In this way, the owner of the project shows that he is only interested in making money, the users who invested in the project that is unfortunately trapped in smart BCH, it is not their responsibility - they need money, and users can invest again in DogeChain if they have money but they should know that the owner of the project does not see them as loyal, he is only interested in his profit.

    With this option, the owner and the team working on the project lose credibility, because this is not a situation where from a successful project where he is satisfied, where the investors are satisfied, here only the owner of the project is satisfied and the users have lost (unfortunately, this is the reality for now).

    No one can trust such a team, the owner, that he will think in the long term, that he will stand behind his loyal users and investors, there may be many negative stories and that the project in Dogechain will fail along with him and his credibility.

  2. To give a discount of 50% for users from smart BCH (those who own NFT in smart BCH) on new minting in DogeChain.

    This option is mentioned and the main reason is that the owner/team needs money for development. We should know that for minting and staking he has already developed that system and is just implementing it on DogeChain, there are no costs.

    If we think about the future and development, of course, money is needed, and if all the money for development is placed in minting, then the project has no vision, no future. If not, then it is not a project worth investing in.

    The disadvantage of this model is that not everyone will use the 50% discount because not everyone has the money to re-enter, whales from Dogechain and smart BCH can use it, but ordinary users have little chance. Minting can happen quickly and someone will not get a 50% discount, in this way credibility is lost again, the project has already been developed for minting on smart BCH, and now money is taken for the same project a second time, this is a chance for all users to be satisfied with proposal no. 4.

    If you need more money, you can make a presale of tokens in DogeChain, certainly, users and loyal investors with a 50% discount will not get what they deserve.

  3. Not to create a new minting on dogechain, just to create a bridge where users can sell their NFT and return the invested money and earn something.

    In this model, the owner/team is not motivated because there is no immediate profit, we have to understand that it is not easy for him to that smart BCH is standing, that NFT is not sold, and that there is no new inflow of money.

    This model is the best for the users but it is the worst for the owners, we have to understand that he should be paid, and motivated to work, that's why for me proposal no. 4 is the best for both parties.

  4. Yes, give 50% of NFT minted in DogeChain to old users on the principle that for every 2 NFTs they get 1 NFT in dogechain free.

This is the model that the owner earns 50% from minting (just implements the project and the NFT design he has already done) on DogeChain, takes 50% of the earnings and has 100% satisfied users from smart BCH.In this way, the owner is a hero because he enabled the development of the project, he gave everyone the opportunity to return the invested money and make money, he is satisfied because he took the money and everyone feels like a winner.

What do you think about this situation/reality that is happening right now - what is the best option for you?

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