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Does a child of the non-preferred gender have the right to live?

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1 month ago

Does a child of the unwanted biological gender have the right to have a life and treatment that he/she would have received if he/she had not been "accidentally" born exactly as he/she is?

This is a very important question that we will try to analyze in two ways.

I - the unfounded phenomenon that people want boys more

In Serbia and on the entire Balkan, we have the phenomenon that male babies are valued more in the family and society. It is believed that the sons are the bearers of the family name and the heirs of the estate, and the sons are the pride of the family. All these conceptions originate in the deep-rooted patriarchy that persists even today.

When a female child is born, a baby is confronted with inappropriate statements such as "blessings":

  • "Come on, get a brother next year!"

  • "Here's some money to buy a brother!"

  • "Let mom and dad give you a brother for your birthday!"

  • "Good luck, so I wish you a baby boy next year" (for mom).

When a male child is born, people say other things as:

  • a very happy enthusiasm: "It's a boy!"

  • "Dad's firstborn arrived"

  • "A son heir was born"

  • "First and a boy!"

I think from these statements it is clear how much more people want to have a male child. It is obvious that a male child is more appreciated. Such phenomena and examples show how little a woman is valued in the family and in society, starting from her birth and throughout her life.

If the second child is also a woman, the parents often want a third pregnancy in the hope of having a son. I know some families who decide to have a fourth or fifth child in order to have a male child.

I think from these statements it is clear how much more people want to have a male child. It is obvious that a male child is more appreciated.

Such phenomena and examples show how little a woman is valued in the family and in society, starting from her birth and throughout her life.

This happens out of personal beliefs that society has instilled in them, but also because of the pressure of society.

  • Why is a female child less valuable?

  • Until when will a woman be less valued in the family and society?

  • Are these things happening in your country?

  • Do you value both male and female babies?

This sad story is also applicable in the opposite case when parents want a female child at all costs. In both cases, it is equally tragic.

It is not an essential problem with wishes. Every person has the right to want a child of certain sex and gender. This is natural and completely normal.

The problem arises when a person is not able to accept the fact that not all wishes are fulfilled and that some things should be accepted even when they are not according to plan. Children are wonderful beings and completely innocent.

II - a situation where the sex and gender of your child are different

Are you confused? Wondering how we are having two things: the sex and the gender of the child? You want to tell me: Isn't that the same thing? Nope!

Let's renew our knowledge or learn something new.

Sex and gender are terms that are often used interchangeably but they are in fact two different concepts, even though for many people their sex and gender are the same.

Sex denotes anatomical structure and biological characteristics and it is a label assigned to a person at birth.

Gender is an individual’s view of themselves, or their gender identity, and the social and cultural role of each sex within a given society.

To conclude, in general terms, "sex" refers to biological characteristics, and "gender" refers to the individual’s and society’s perceptions of sexuality and the malleable concepts of masculinity and femininity.

Gender and sex are not the same as the term sexual orientation.

We need to learn to distinguish these two terms in order to better understand the people whose sex and gender different.

Transgender people are people whose gender identity is different from the gender they were thought to be at birth. “Trans” is often used as shorthand for transgender.

Intersex people are often known as people whose bodies fall in the vast continuum between "male" and "female".

It can often happen that parents eventually discover that they have a transgender child. This can affect them in different ways. Unfortunately, it often happens that parents reject their child, do not provide him or her with any support, and even mental and physical violence against the child occurs.

Let me ask you, is that a reason to reject your child? To stop loving him? Not supporting him? Is that what people will say is more important than your child? Are your prejudices stronger than your love for your child?

Transgender or intersex is an integral part of life, it is nothing to be ashamed of or given up. Such children and people have the right to their own lives. Support them and give them love.

Health, love, and acceptance

Unfortunately, there are people who still nurture the belief that a male child is more valuable. There are even those extreme cases that purposely do tests for early detection of sex so that they can "get rid" as soon as possible if they do not like the result, the sex of the child.

Everyone today has the right to be a parent, even those primitive people who think that sex and gender are more important than health, love, and acceptance. This is the beginning of poisonous parenting.

Love your children, support them. Discard your prejudices, educate yourself. Love above all.

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Written by   197
1 month ago
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Such a chip mentality has been going on for a long time which is reprehensible. Yet in many families boys are given more importance which is sad for girls. And transgender people should be protected by love and compassion without looking at them with hatred. Thank you for raising the issue.

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1 month ago

You're welcome. Personally, I find this to be a very important topic and not talked about often. If they raised the level of education, people would be more careful and less discriminatory.

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1 month ago

There should be no such reason to reject a child over the idea that they just want a different gender. They're still the child and would more likely contribute more if they're given the love and support they need

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1 month ago

This when I hear, "To buy a brother next year" etc. I get angry at it. A child is a child, it doesn't matter if he is a man or a woman!

$ 0.00
1 month ago

It makes me angry too. Where do people get the right to say something like that? How can women say that after being told it? Be aware and think with your own head.

$ 0.00
1 month ago

I have three daughters and forth one is coming soon. Both my husbend and I are so proud of that fact, but I know exactly about my environment's thinking about importance of having at least one male child. Majority of people ask me if I decided to have another child just because I need a boy. Nonsence...

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1 month ago

I wish your family good health. You are very rich and keep what you have. Let the environment look after their affairs, tell them clearly and loudly that you are not interested in primitive opinions.

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1 month ago

I think that just because someone perceives their gender differently than how we perceive them is not a reason to stop loving and supporting them. We should accept them and understand that it's more important for them to be okay with who they are than trying to cause problems in their lives by not being supportive. Psychological research has confirmed that people can have a different gender identity than the one assigned at birth.

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1 month ago

It's all true. Then why do people have a problem with another person’s identity, sex and gender? How do they feel threatened that they have to endanger another person’s life? You are a parent when you love and support your child. It is not enough to have sex and give birth to a child.

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1 month ago

Very important article. Thanks.

$ 0.00
1 month ago