Patience Also Runs Out

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Article#2 Month of March 2023

A gloomy morning to my fellow readers here. How's your morning going on? I do hope that you are all happy and in good health. Wishing you a positive and peaceful mind thoughts.

I just wanna voice it out here because I can't handle it anymore. I don't know how can I cope up this problem that I am facing right now. I'm exhausted and drain.

I am a type of girl who is humble and kind to other people even if I heard rumors about myself which other people done and made bad gossips on me. I only did is to be calm and keep quiet. I respect and nice to the people whom I encountered and mingled anytime and everywhere. But based on the title I put above on my article, my patience also runs out.

Last March 25, I was at my bedroom and breastfeeding my son. My aunt and my cousin had an arguments because of wrong information delivered by the daughter of my cousin. By that information, because of false information there was trouble. And unexpectedly, a councilor got involved and immediately posted on social media and it was actually my name that was pointed out because she blamed me that I was the one who cause of the fight without any proof or evidence. A lot of people got into trouble/joined the scene and my name became a hot topic on social media and in the comment section. Because of my anger, I did reply in the comment section to the councilor who posted on social media that I was not the one who reported to cause trouble but my neighbor and it was her close friend. The councilor didn't believe it and she said so many hurtful things to me that I realized and never hesitated to went to her house to clear my name and my honor and dignity.

As I arrived at her house, I approached her and I calmly spoke and explained everything to her, but she scolded me and humiliated me in front of the crowd. So I couldn't stop crying in front of her while telling the truth. And this is what I said to her, "I'm sorry, now I have no respect for you, you're trampling on my dignity. I didn't do anything wrong but you're so mean, immediately post it on social media publicly without any proof and evedince. Before you immediately post on social media, ask the other side if it is true. If you want other people to respect you, respect yourself first.You should still be a councilor, but in terms of your expected attitude and how you interact with others, you are even better than the uneducated. Then if I can tell her everything I hurt, this is all she said... I deleted my post, how happy is that? I couldn't hold back and I answered her again, Yes, you deleted it but it already marked and stamped on in the eyes and ears of other people and not just that, You already ruined the my dignity and money can't pay for a person's honor no matter what you do. I went home with a heavy heart and facing on altar, praying and whispering to God that gives me strength to endure and cope this situation I am facing right now.

A second passed by, the closest friend of the councilor went to her house to tell the truth and admitted that she was the one who reported to my aunt for what our cousin murmured. The councilor felt guilty of what she did to me and she was the one who stabbed her own action and become shy of what she did to me but until now I have not received her apology to me even personally and I know that she will not really apologize to me because of the height of her pride. I will never assume that she will do so.

Yesterday, I went downstairs and passed on the front of her house and I never expected that she was there. I smiled on her because I knew I did not something wrong and I knew my conscience is pure and clean. She just stares at me like want to eat me and then went inside. I knew how guilty she was.

Ending Thoughts

It's hard to be involved in trouble that you don't know the reason for and to embarrass at the crowd. You are not doing anything wrong but you are the one being slandered. Maybe it's not bad if you just stand up for yourself against abusive people. Whoever keeps quiet is being disturbed. Are people really like this in the world? It's terrible to accuse without any proof/evidence that it's true. It's just hard, because you respect them and treat them well but on the other hand they just treat you the way you don't want to be treated.

But even so, I still will not change to the people who are true to me and I will still go out and mingle with others because I know myself that I am not stepping on anyone's feet. They only know my name but not the story of my life. And because of the incidents happened, I realized that nowadays it's hard to find people who are true you. Aside from God, only my family is true to me.

And with this quotes, I understand the deep meaning of this: " It's easy to say sorry for what we've done. It's also easy to forgive and forget. But one thing that will never be easy to Trust again after Disappointments". " Trust is like a glass, once its broken it will never be the same again."

Until here my fellow readers. Have a wonderful and fruitful Thursday morning to all of us.

A friendly reminder: If you want others respect you then respect yourself first. Treat them the way you want to be treated. Be true to yourself and don't let other people abuse you.

To my likers, subscribers, commentators, supporters and for those upvoted tips I really appreciated it a lot.

Thank you for stopping and reading.

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God bless us all and more power. Stay safe and in good health.

💕 Love_Angge22😘

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