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Article#4 month of January 2022

Puto-java/ Puto-cassava😋

A rainy and cold night my fellow readers! I hope all of us here is well and fine. A new day/night to grind on and a great opportunity to grab on. Let me share with you, my evening snacks for tonight we called it here in our place as " puto-java or puto-cassava with sweet-coconut topings or shall I say 'bukayo/bukhayo'"

This article that I will publish are the answers of the questions given, this writing prompt is from my birthtwin as he posted a short post who is @Coolmidwestguy , thank you for giving some nice topics it was a big help for me. As I opened my readcash app, I saw my red notification bell then I saw and read your short post about "readcashrain". I hope I am not too late to participate about your writing prompt so here is my entry but before anything else, thank you as always for keeping us other writers motivate, inspire, determine and encouraging us and mostly, thank you so much for everything my birthtwin. God bless you always and your family. Take care☺️.

Own photo! It was taken when I assisted my closest teacher.

Before I start , let me introduce a little bit about myself. My true name is Angelica. My birthdate is on November 22 that is why I used a username "angge22" here in this platform by the reason that, some of my friends, neighbors and mostly my parents/siblings called me Angge as my nickname and I'm used to it. I am 24 years of age and a mother of one. I love dancing and singing and aside from that, I love to draw also and mostly, my favorite one that I love the most is doing nail art design since I was 14years of age until now. I am also a tutor, a teacher assistant and mostly, a daughter full of dreams.

The Best Day and Thing Happened to my Life

The best day/thing happened to my life ever that I will never forget was when I didn't expected that I was carrying a little angel inside my womb. It was a great blessings that I've ever received in my entire life. My due date was on August 18,2022 to give birth to my son but it was in advance, I gave birth to my son on August 10,2022 through c-section delivery because there is a complication. I was on labor above 12hrs and my "panubigan" already break/leaks and when I thought that my little angel will come out I pushed harder but nothings happen instead it only stock at 3cm and my cervix didn't open that is why I got on emergency cs by the reason that my son already ate his waste and pooped inside my womb. Those pains I was enduring on that day/night are not unforgettable and I knew that I gave my best to be called a mother. I was so happy and thankful on that night that I heard, saw, kissed, hugged and fed(breastfeed)my half of me and half the man that I love. And now my son is running six months old.

My son, five months and two weeks old today!😘💕🥰(pwera usog lang po 🙏)

I am happy also since the day that I started and joined this beautiful platform which was my eldest sister wa the one who convinced me to joined this helpful platform by this, there's a lot happened that I will not forget. First, because of this readcash platform I bought a cellphone that I have been using for one year since I joined here. Second, I saved a little money which I used when I gave birth and when my son was baptized last December 25,2022. Because of this, I also helped with the household expenses somehow and now I am back again because this is really my goal to be able to save again so that I can use something for my son's upcoming birthday soon, even in a little it is indeed a big help for me. Happy eleven months to me for being a member in this great platform.

My Favorite

In foods, I like most in veggies and fruits because I am not a picky eater about foods as long as I am not allowed to eat especially shrimps, squid and crabs because I am allergic on it.

I love to play badminton, volleyball. I also love to dance and sing but my favorite one is to draw and create arts especially in doing nail art.

Ending Thoughts

Be thankful that we are still alive in this adventurous world because we can do what we want to do in order for us to be happy and be amaze . Let us value our lives by the reason that we only live once. Don't waste the time you're still alive, so make the most of the day you're still with your loved ones, friends who make you happy. Learn to forgive and be thankful because of them, you learned to be strong and independent in all life's challenges which is the reason why you didn't give up but became a fighter and showed the world that you are capable.

Until here my fellow readcash family. Have a pleasant and blissful Tuesday night to all of us.

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To my likers, subscribers, commentators, and for those upvoted tips I appreciated it a lot.

Thank you for stopping and reading.

God bless us all and more powers 🙏.

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Your son is so cute I can see you in him. Thanks for sharing and taking on the questions from the event. I like fruit and veggies as well. I'm sorry your allergic to some seafood, that would be a bummer for me. Just out of curiosity is your sister still active in read cash? Congrats to almost a year here at

Take care my friend of the same celebration day :D

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1 year ago

Thank you for the compliment my friend☺️ and also for the upvoted tips,, I didn't expect this amount, it is a big help for me. It's okey my friend, others said that those of seafoods that I'm allergic is delicious but sad to say I can't it those. For my eldest sister who is @zhyne06 , I don't think so if she's still active her, because she is now busy of teaching.

Same as you my friend/my birthtwin. God bless you and take care. Once again, thank you very much☺️

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