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February 24, 2022

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Each one of us experienced a happy, sad, excitement, disappointment, painful or tragic events in our life. While recalling and remembering those moments we didn't noticed that our tears fall, we laugh or being disgusted. And I know that until now you still remember what was happened on that day and not easy to forget.

So, I want to share it to you guys and here it goes like this.

Bonding with my mother and siblings.

It was lanzones fruit bearing season. Me and my mother together with my eldest brother and elder sister went to our little farm to visit our rootcrops, vegetables and fruits.

As we are walking on the grassy road, my eldest brother and elder sister were so noisy and naughty. They stopped in a while because they noticed something strange on the grass. When they sneaked to grass, they saw a vine snake crawling. They ran after to our mother. My mother wasn't able to move or can't even walk because both of my siblings hug and hold tightly to our mothers hand and feet. I just wanted to run also but all I did was laugh at them because of their expressions, reactions and they are just like statue.hahahaha...

A few minutes later, we arrived at our farm. My eldest brother hurriedly went to the lanzones tree. He saw the yummy and ripe lanzones fruit. But sad to say, my eldest brother wasn't able to climb up because the stem and branches of the lanzones tree are quite small and thin that can't handle his weight if he will be the one to climb up. My elder sister tried to climb up but she can't.

Because of the seductive fragrance and attractive fruit of the ripe lanzones fruit my mother called and told me that I will be one to climb up to harvest those fruits. Well I have no choice because I am the youngest and also not quite heavy.

As I able to climbed up and reached those fruits, all did was sat down on the branch of the lanzones tree while eating and to be relax because it was not easy to climbed up a tree which was tall and near from hill(it made my feet numbed and shivered). While our mother getting some rootcrops and vegetables, both of my siblings were mumbled because I did not gave them fruits to eat but instead I only threw them the skin of the lanzones fruit not it's flesh. Both of them shouts and say, " Mabulonan ka sana o hindi kaya, mahulog ka sana diyan at pulutin sa banging, napakadamot mo!" All I did was to laugh and get them irritated while saying, " Eh did umakyat din kayo para patas tayo o di kaya, just picked up those leftovers of some birds eating" hahahahaha...

When our mother heared those words, she got annoyed and angry and told my both siblings that, "Are you insane? What if it will happen seriously, mababalik pa ba buhay ng kapatid ninyo?" Both of them answered, " Ma, mababa lang naman kahuhulugan ni Inday eh...hahaha...."

As I finished harvesting those ripe lanzones fruits, both of my siblings were happy and satisfied because we harvested a lot and they exclaimed: " Sa wakas, makakakain na rin!" When I went down, I didn't noticed that there was a vine snake which was long and not quite as big crawling on the branch beside me. I shouted loudly, cried heavily and can't even move because I don't know what to do while calling my mother, " Ma........"(shivering voice). My mother was shocked and rapidly ran near to the lanzones tree where am I stocked. When our mother saw the snake, she got panic and don't know what to do. Our mother was so worried about me. While my eldest brother and elder sister only did was to laugh and say, " Day tumalon ka na lang, mababa lang naman. Pupulutin ka na lang Namin sa pangpang.hahahaha.... (at may pahabol pa.....)Yan kasi ang damut mo,,, sa wakas nakabawi kami...hahahaha" I exclaimed to them, ' I don't care if I stay here above the tree than to jump!huhuhuhu....' They replied, (mamamatay ka lang din naman pagkakagatin ka ng ahas mas mabuti pang tumalon ka na lang may posibilidad pang mabuhay pero may pilay....hahaha) Our mother was totally angry to the both of my siblings, she seeks for an object that can helped me to cross and get down from the tree.

As I expected, "Akala ko, Ang ahas yung hahampasin ni mama ng kahoy but sad to say, mga nakakatandang kapatid ko pala Ang hinampas ni mama at binatu ng balat ng niyog because all they did was laugh and let me hang on the tree."

While the snake slowly crawling on its way, all I did also was slowly going down to escape, cross and get far away from the snake. As good luck, I already get down and reached the ground and I got relieved.( I was nervous at that!)

(Yung gusto mong batuin ng bunga Ng lanzones mga nakakatanda mong kapatid while crying because your on delimma what will you do because you encountered that kind of situation but I just laughed because natawa Ako sa ginawa Ng mama namin, bakit sila Yung hinampas ng kahoy at binatu ng balat ng niyog....hahahaha) All I exclaimed was, " I thought it was my end!"

Funniest thing ever happened to me.

Me and my eldest and elder sister planned to get some vegetables on our farm in order for us to have viand. It was also timing that our mother planned also to go to our farm to plow some weeds and get some sweet potatoes for our snacks.

Our mother asks us of we will be coming with her and we said Yes!

As we arrived at our farm, our eldest and elder sister asks our mother that, " Ma, may we go to our fishpond to get some spinach to be cook for our viand?" Our mother replied, "ok, becareful the both of you". I asks also our mother if I can come to them then she lets me and smiled.

When we arrived at our fishpond, my both sisters were so noisy picking some spinach and kept asking me if there is a leech or something to be afraid of. I just smiled at them and said nothing( pero alam may linta at higad, hahaha) I just kept being quite. I let them picked up those spinach near to the gabi plant while me, I went to the muddy and sticky side of the pond because there are also spinach there that are healthy and fat. When I get a lot of spinach, I noticed something in my feet that was itchy and something zeeping/sucking my blood and I expected that it is leech. When I glanced at my feet, yes I am right it's a leech sticking on my feet. I did not shout either to run but instead, I just kept being quite, went near to my sister's and let the leech sucked my blood until it gets full. The leech was big, fat, furry and black. My both sisters was confused why I came near to them. I didn't tell them that there were leech on my feet . I just smiled to them and acting like there was nothing happened. As my eldest sister tried to pick some spinach beside on my feet she saw the leech sticking on my feet. She shouted loudly and don't know what to do.(natawa Ako sa facial expression ng ate ko, hindi na maipinta,,,hahaha). Both of them splashed the spinach on my face and hurriedly ran going to our mother. I was left and all I did was pick all those scattered spinach on the ground, get the leech still sticking on my feet(nilagay ko pa sa plastic para dalhin sa kanila,,,hahaha) and followed them.

As they arrived, our mother asked, "where is your youngest sister?" Both of them answered in a shivering and stuttered voices: " we left her!" Our mother was so worried.

As seconds passed by they sat down on a branch of the tree. Our mother saw me coming near to her. She asked me, "why did your Ate's left you behind?" I just smiled and get something in the plastic bag. Chadaaaahhh,,,, I bought them the leech.hahaha...My mother and both of my siblings shouts and ran fast as they could like an insane one and don't know we're route they will go. I just laughed and laughed until it rained. My mother blamed me.... Hahahaha....because my elder sister got fever....


It was so much fun to recall those happenings. And until now, I am still laughing...

Even if it is sad or happy events happened in your life still it was memorable. I wish it will happen again. Because of those moments I realized how blessed I am that I have a siblings and a supportive parents. Even we are poor but still we are happy and contented because we are together. And also, even if we are like cats and dogs sometimes who are arguing and fighting each other but still I love my siblings especially my eldest sister and eldest brother they thought me how to be brave and be independent.( I love you ate @Zhyne06 and Kuya Jun except my elder sister kasi maldita yun,,,,hahaha,,,,shhhhh...atin-atin lang to). No matter what happens, family are always there and still they are my siblings. And I am thankful and bless that they are my parents and siblings.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy it. God bless.

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Hahah your memories are great and funny as well. There are really sibs that will leave you behind if it's dilemma time and save themselves. Haha

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2 years ago

Hahahaha indeed...

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Love you too bakang. Just stay positive. Ate is here lang. Now that I know already everything, di na mabibilog ulo ko ng isa nating kapatid ☺️

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2 years ago

Salamat sa kanunat ate. Love you too. And thank you for accepting me and my baby.

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