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2 years ago
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I started to collect NFT when the faucet of zombie is released. Actually, before in telegram group, they talk about waifu and i see it. But unfortunately, i didn't read their conversation and just scroll at the end and exit the app. (If i know it earlier, i think i can claim at least 1 waifu and sell it, but it's okay because past is past haha) I already see some post in about waifu and they collection, but I'm not interested that time😣.

My waifu collection

This is my waifu collection as of now. I just only have 9 waifu now .I didn't buy nft even their a cheap lol, because i don't have NFT sold🤣.

  1. Yoshika Kawagichi- bought this waifu for 0.005 BCH

  2. Sachimi Honma- i buy this waifu for a very cheap price at 0.00122 BCH

  3. Rinon Sawamura - bought this for 0.004 BCH

  4. Utano Shintaro - i bought this at 0.00499 BCH

  5. Risaki Wada - this is my highest price that bought, 0.00944 BCH

  6. Aori Tanoue - bought this for 0.003 BCH

  7. Haine Tanizaki -i bought this for 0.005 BCH

  8. Takae Yasujiro- bought this for 0.00495 BCH

  9. Ritsuna Fukunaga- just get it for free. My brother give this to me.

If you add it all, the total amount that i spend in buying waifu is 0.033+ BCH but it's okay because i sold 2 waifu before worth of 0.045 BCH i think

Rat collection

Some of them is from my brother and the other is from the faucet. I just only sold some rats now, I don't know why they didn't buy my rat lol. I think because my price is so expensive and there's nothing especial in my rat haha.

My pony collection

These are just a some of my pony nft. I got this all from faucet of pony. I also buy some pony before when it's cheap.

I also have zombie nft but I can't screenshot it all. The zombie NFT is my first nft collection in junggle.

My sold assets

This is my sold assets in rat. I sold a total of 8 nft in rat. Actually, my rat nft (elsa#1691) is sold because it's have a green eye but i didn't see because there glasses. I just know it when my NFT already sold. My rat (minka ) is also sold because of its aura. Then my rat (snow) is sold i think because of its many attribute and so cool.

In my waifu collection, i only sold 2 waifu as of now. There's no new sold for a long time😟.

The first ashwick is free, i just join in telegram group and @Read.Cashilan give me an ashwick. Then i sold it for 0.0049 BCH

The second one is the one that i bought. I bought it for a cheap price and sell it for a cheap price too😅

These are the other nft that i sold too.

Thanks for reading 🤗

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$ 0.05 from @Jane
$ 0.05 from @dziefem
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2 years ago
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Collector kna dn pla 😁

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Opo hehe

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