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According to, the dreams can be true or can happen in the future. So when you sleep and you dreamed a nightmare or happy dreams, that dreams can be happen or telling the truth.

They said too, that the caused of dreaming a nightmare because of the stress, illness, trauma, emotional problems and many more.

They said, if you want to remember your dreams, don't set an alarm and always remind your self that you need to remember your dreams.

My dreams

  • I can't remember my dreams. But some of my dreams i remembered. I remembered my dreams because it's so unbelievable or so funny and sometimes scaryπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Sometimes when i woke up in the bed, i remember my dreams but a while ago i didn't remember it again πŸ˜… Lol. I'm so disappointed πŸ˜… because i didn't write my dreams after i woke up.

Dreams about

  • Before(i thinks this week), i have a dreams. I dreams that I'm chatting in and see all the comments. Haha, I don't know why i dream it. I think because i always used I remembered while I'm sleeping, I'm chatting in 1 user. I'm scrolling and scrolling in the cellphoneπŸ˜….

  • I just remembered little dreams. My dreams is too short because when i dreamed it, I'm woke up. I don't know if my dream is long but i only remembered the little part. I don't knowπŸ˜…

The unbelievable

  • I write "the unbelievable" because i don't know the name that i called in my dreams. The unbelievable because i remembered the unbelievable part. I don't know the exact of my dreams but i remember that i dreamed so impossible πŸ˜‚.

  • Before, i dreamed about me. I don't know the exact dreams. But i remember that I'm walking and while i walking in the road, a while ago the place was change. The place of my dreams is always changing. For example, i dreamed that I'm in the park and for a while, I'm in the sea. I think I'm rotating.

Scary dreams

  • I said "scary dream " because i dream a nightmare 😩. I'm so scary 😨 in my nightmare. In my dreams, theirs 1 guy that will kill me.

  • In my dreams, I'm in my house. A while ago, theirs 1 guy that go in me at the back and trying to kill me using a knife. Before the guy kill me, i woke up. I didn't forget it because my dreams is so scared.

  • I'm so thankful because i didn't died in my dreams because you will didn't woke up and you will died. So thanks to the Lord.

Sometimes, when i watched a horror movie. I always dreamed about zombies or a horror story. So when my family watch a horror movie, I'm in the bed and put my hands in my ears. I don't want to hear the movie. Even i can't see it, i imagine the story when i hear it.

Sometimes, when i accidentally watch the movie, I can't sleep because i always remember the movie. When I can't sleep, I'm thinking a happy part of my life. I thinking it so that, i didn't remember the movie. In that way, i can erase the movie that i watch and i can sleep.

Before, when I'm so sad and I'm crying. My mother said "don't sleep when you are crying". I'm crying because my mother angry at me because of my fault. I'm so sad and crying 😭. In that time, i feels like i dehydrated. I'm always crying that time. My mother said that i need to drink a water and stop crying before i sleep. She said that i can dream a nightmare.

A long ago, my sister are angry. She didn't eat and she is in the bed. She didn't speak anything and she is crying 😒. She sleep angry. My mother said that don't sleep when you are angry. My mother go to her bed and said that my mother did not angry to her. My mother don't want to dreams a nightmare so my mother go to bed.

In my place, theirs 1 people that didn't woke up because of the nightmare. They think because of his dreams because before he died, he is awake in the night and in the next day, he is died. I think he dreams a nightmare(nabangungot) and didn't woke up after he dream.

So for me, don't watch horror if you are scared in zombies etc. Don't sleep angry. Don't think the sad part of your life. Always think the happy part that you experience in you life. Always have a person in your side while you are sleeping. In that way, when you are dreaming a nightmare, you friend/family can awake you. If your friend/family is in your side, of course she/he accidentally awake you while you are sleeping.

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Omoo, halos lahat ng dreams ko kinabukasan diko na tanda ee. Iisa lang ang panaginip na natatandaan ko, yung hinahabok ako ng manananggal πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

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Haha, siguro naks nood ka ng nakakatakot.

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