Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and Inflation

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2 years ago

The concept of Decentralized Autonomous Organizations (DAOs) dates back to the open source software and hardware movement, as these communities attempted to create an economically sustainable project with independent contributors. However, Bitcoin (and smart contracts) allow such a fascinating and elegant implementation of the idea that they have come to dominate the concept.

However, in thinking about the current situation with high(er) inflation worldwide, I've realized that sound money is really the original DAO. If you held a "sound" (low and predictable inflation) asset (which could be the currency or actually any limited commodity in demand by that society, for example, land), you were essentially making a long term investment in that societies' ability to grow faster than the inflation rate of that asset. Since the value of the prevelant medium of exchange of a society is somehow derived from all economic activity within that society, a sound medium of exchange would act similarly to a company stock for society as a whole. In a free society, this models the concept of a DAO, where individuals contribute to the whole in whatever way they see fit, and their contributions benefit the whole.

This makes intuitive sense. But to actually prove the idea that sound money behaves like issuing stock in an entire society would require an intense amount of research and analysis to compensate for inflation and other social factors. I'll leave that to economic historians :-).

But this idea is no longer true in many places (for example, the USA) because the inflation of fiat money has exceeded economic growth for the last 100 years, and most notably since the 1970s when the US dollar stopped even pretending to be sound money.

From this perspective -- that of the USD as stock in the DAO we call the United States of America -- it looks as if the beneficiaries of inflationary monetary policy (typically banks) have not only devalued holders of USD (as clearly shown by the loss of purchasing power), but have taken all the past and future growth and innovation dividends due to every citizen by effectively co-opting the mechanism to invest in a societies' growth and innovation.

I want to invest in growth and innovation in humanity worldwide. This is why I choose Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash and ETH.

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2 years ago


Me gustaría también esa misma invercion risas. Y al igual que tu boto y soy fan a los bch, btc y Ethereum. Linda mañana te deseo.

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