Honest and truthful review of Amazon.com.

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Regarding Amazon, I am disappointed with Amazon:

I recently placed an honest and truthful negative review about my personal Amazon experience where I felt that Amazon become one of the worst online retailers due to the following reasons:

1. Amazon has been caught using third-party companies to place fake product reviews that completely crashed consumer trust in Amazon products.

2. Amazon product quality drastically degraded over time resulting in a crazy amount of product returns where I personally out of 10 purchased products would return at least 5 due to either bad quality of the product or receiving used products when the order was placed for a new product.

3. Amazon Music service is probably one of the worst on the market, especially for the Prime member users where you get very limited music selection with poor audio quality The Covid-19 pandemic was difficult for most internet merchants. In looking back at the hundreds of orders that I placed, I have to give Amazon credit for getting most of the merchandise safely to our 50th state, Hawaii. The N95 and KN95 masks were critical to the health of my family. Numerous tools were also delivered in a functional state, which was a big plus since most of us were fixing up our homes during the crisis. Although not a tool warehouse, like Home Depot, Amazon does carry high-quality tools from Japan, Taiwan, and Europe. Most are not even sold by Home Depot or Lowes. The reviews on Amazon are more extensive than elsewhere. This helps buyers narrow down which items to order. Only around 1% of all orders turn out to be turkeys.

The very slower ones:

I am disappointed with Amazon. I have been a loyal customer for the last 6 years. Have made several orders. Once I ordered a laptop and the screen was broken. I had no way of getting a refund. They overcharged me for orders for Sales tax and delivery during the pandemic, and now I'm locked out of my account. I tried calling customer service but they couldn't solve my issue. They never appreciated me as a loyal customer after all these years. I think I'm done with them. I have never felt so disappointed and abandoned.

I’m a Prime member:

I’m a Prime member. For the second time in a few weeks, a delivery has been canceled by Amazon because of a delivery problem. 2 Items were due for delivery yesterday, and the fact they had been canceled I only discovered when I checked the order status. So why do I have to wait up to 2 weeks for the refund to be processed? Amazon’s problem but my money was not immediately refunded. I’ve Re-ordered items, if they do not come tomorrow I am canceling my Prime membership. Service is going rapidly downhill.

When I shop at Amazon:

When I shop at Amazon.com I always have a good experience. . I've never had any trouble with them. . Until one day my Grandmother got me a $5 amazon gift card. . The problem is I still have it on my account and don't know what to do with it. . Lol so I have to find something for $5 or get another card. Lol, I will one day because we just got amazon firesticks for all 4 rooms.

A person does need to be a person:

A person does need to be careful what they purchase on Amazon. I read the information extensively before I click the process button. Making sure you are purchasing what you think you are purchasing is very important. Looking around and checking prices to make sure you couldn't get a better deal elsewhere, but also taking into consideration what it would cost to have it shipped from another company. Amazon has a great selection of practically anything a person could want. I love how I buy anything from books to clothing to groceries.


Overall if you need something and can't find it, go to Amazon they have just about everything. Usually, it is cheaper than anywhere else. But remember that you get what you pay for. It's extremely important to read the description and the reviews. But you also need to remember that just because one person has an issue, doesn't mean that it's a bad thing. Amazon has a really good refund policy so that you don't get taken by shady people. Yeah, I have received junk but the overall quality has been awesome. Most products have a 2-day delivery time. Just make sure you check to see when the delivery date is. I think way too many people get hostile because they don't read the delivery date.

Deliveries in the jungle:

While maligned by many, Amazon comes through. Deliveries can be in less than one day to no more than a week. Amazing. Especially when you can't find the product locally or something you may not even know existed. The variety is endless and prices are acceptable when you consider free shipping. Amazon complies with delivery instructions and products are handled with care. Tracking could be improved by a real-time display, but, generally comes within the specified time frame. Delivery times are a bit overbroad for routine routes, but, this is forgivable for overall performance.

Amazon - Amazon's small lightweight:

Today I tried ordering about $32. 50 in small lightweight merchandise from Amazon. com; before the check-out, I opted for the Prime Membership 1-week trial for $1. 99. However, when I attempted to complete my order, Amazon had the unmitigated gall to try to ADD another approximately $34. 00 to this order; instead of the free shipping which I would expect from paying for the 1-week Prime membership. Of course, I immediately canceled this order; and further, also immediately canceled the Prime 1-week trial membership. THEN I checked my bank account to find out the AMAZON had gone into my account and taken about $2.

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I can relate to most of what you said. And I would nod my head to all that you're very correct by your review. I have witnessed low quality product and services too on amazing due to misleading reviews and feedback from fake buyers. It is really disheartening.

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