Warm salad with basil and lemon dressing

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Happy afternoon nice community we continue here bringing ideas of delicious and very nutritious lunches that give us many vitamins and of course all the nutrients we need to have lots of energy for our day to day , my choice for today is a warm salad that has natural carbohydrates such as potatoes and many beautiful colors like beets and carrots besides are excellent for the skin, I leave today's recipe ingredients and step by step below.


- Half a chicken breast

- One beet

- One carrot

- A potato

- half a red bell pepper

- 1/4 white cabbage

- Half a white onion

- A clove of garlic

- One lemon

- 4 basil leaves

In a pot we are going to place to cook the half chicken breast with a clove of garlic and we take advantage and we place the carrot, the potato and the beet so that everything cooks together, you must be pending since the carrot cooks faster than the beet and the potato.

Once cooked we are going to shred the chicken and then we are going to peel the vegetables and cut into thin slices. Once this is ready, we are going to put it aside.

Cut into strips the cabbage, onion and red pepper, then in a pan we sauté the cabbage with the onion and paprika, let it sauté until the cabbage wilts a little and the onion is transparent.

We will make a very simple dressing, put the juice of a lemon and add some finely chopped basil leaves and a pinch of salt and mix with the help of a fork.

Place the cooked beets, potatoes and carrots in a bowl, add the sautéed cabbage and the shredded chicken on top, and add the basil dressing at the end.

This salad can be eaten warm or simply cold, it is up to our taste.

So far today's recipe friends I hope you like it I thank you for reading me and see you in a next post see you later.

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That looks delicious 🤤😋

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