Not everything that glitters is Gold, things you should know in crypto world ✅

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2 years ago

"Not everything that glitters is gold" we've Often heard about this example

That means never believe what you see because not everything you see is true that can go for beauty, status, Fame anything, anything that is huge and is easy to get is definitely not what it looks like it's just the glitter but not gold.

So why I am talking about all this today?

Because the more I am knowing about the Crypto world the more I am seeing scams, fake people, frauds and glitters everywhere.

Before joining any article writing site when I first came into the Crypto world I saw airdrops everywhere mostly the telegram airdrops that claimed that they will give you like 10 to $100 or more just by joining and doing some simple tasks I was like wow it's like joining two or three friends, some channels and I'll get dollars for it isn't it amazing?

When I was new to Crypto I was always in search of drops and profits free claiming and mining staff bitcoin was on my head all the time I was like, it's the biggest currency, I would be so lucky to hold a share of it and I joined like a thousand mining sites ok not thousand but hundred of them, (mining company, free, this mining that mining and so much more) I was like crazy for Bitcoin

But now when I know I did MOR I spent time on readcash and people that know so much about the Crypto world I know that BTC is just glitter and BCH is real gold so sticking to it and hodling tightly.💃

But back then, when I joined Uptrennd and readcash, at start my focus was always on the referrals community because that was where the people used to drop name off sites or airdrops to get free money.

But believe me, I have never received anything from Telegram airdrops and don't believe on YouTube videos 80% of them lie only for publicity and views. I remember there was once an airdrop named Dubai Ethereum AirDrop and I searched for it like in all videos people said it's legit, try to go for it before it's too late etc etc, and I spent almost 3 Nights requesting people to join the AirDrop through my referral because the deal was " join our channel get 15 referrals or 10 I guess, and you'll earn a good amount of ethereum. I was that stupid I almost bagged people for that airdrop.

and I actually Reached my goal before the deadline I was so happy and was waiting for my ethereum and when the day arrived on which day was supposed to give us ethereum for free they said pay the small fee and get your ethereum and the demanded amount was 5$ or more I guess.

I felt so broken and hurt because I am too sensitive lol and I decided not to participate in any airdrops in the future but did I followed what I promised myself to do? No, I never did that because that's what human nature is they always run behind the glitter like I did. After that, I have joined like 50+ fake Telegram airdrops.

But the good thing is now finally I have stopped doing that and I would recommend you guys to do that too.

I know they are scammers their job is to scam people and they will continue to do so but here we are to blame too, if we stopped running for obvious scams that include 99% of telegram bots and mining sites especially those who want investment.

Nothing is free in this world and earning money is not easy we'll have to work for everything so choose what you are best in,work on it, earn through it and never fall for scams I will advise you not to follow any Telegram bots or scammer groups I am not saying there are no real ones if there is any that would be like one in hundred and it's hard to find that one so it's good to not go for it.

And also No companies will run behind you in every group and comment saying look at the list of those who benefited from our company and showing you pictures from Google of people holding 10000$ and more if they're earning this much they won't run behind you ever.

I've seen so many same people in the photos of different companies who claim that those people got benefited from our company. If that was true then those people would have now giving competition to bill Gates lol😂

So never fall for scams.

I wish I could guide all the newbies that are here to try their luck in Crypto and are joining everything they see like I did when I was a newbie like them, because that's what demotivates us and some of us quit to even try again.

So it's best to always do your research before falling for any obvious scams protect your self try your luck in trading where everything is in your hands join us on Uptrennd, readcash, noisecash, and another site that pays you directly straight to your wallet no hidden motives no demands just quality engagement.💜

Our first cryptocurrency experiences are always hard ones nothing comes easy and nothing is easy from the start you'll have to work for it but never lose hope and you'll achieve your goal.

Thanks for reading.

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