My Dream Last Night: I Got Kicked Out!

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Mostly when we're dreaming at night, we seem like going with the flow on the transitions of events and we can't be able to control it.

However, it's not the same case with me as I've experienced having a dream last night where I am aware of what's happening.

I don't know if I will just laugh, be amused, or be sad about what happened in my dream that night, but let me just share with you what I've been through, and let me know your thoughts about it.

So, I had a dream last night in which the scenario was kinda usual especially if we will talk about the time when pandemic was not yet existing.

The setting took place inside the four corners of white painted classroom, where chairs are arranged properly and the green board in front was perfectly cleaned, no traces of chalk dust.

Inside the classroom was full of familiar faces which in turned are my former classmates when I was in Junior High School and Senior High School (they all unusually mixed up in a single classroom even though in real life, they didn't know each other as I transferred in a private school when I graduated in JHS to start my journey in SHS).

So, as usual, the classroom was filled with noise coming from my classmates who were talking nonstop while our teacher was not yet around.

When our Math teacher came in, everyone doesn't seem to bother, though in just a snap, everyone eventually went away from their seats to group themselves. Since, I can't seem to understand what's happening, I asked one of my classmates about what they're doing, and she said that we're going to have a group activity, which involves drawing and writing an explanation about it. I suddenly raised my brow upon realizing that our teacher didn't even say a single instruction about that activity, but my classmates already initiated everything.

That was a Math subject, so it's still reasonable to draw especially because it still involves geometric shapes, though my classmates drawed some sort of a building. They seem like an engineer or an architect in that moment. Weird.

I am aware of everything, but I don't think it's a lucid dreaming as I can't make the impossible or magical acts there unlike what I'm usually doing before.

I can't manipulate the objects around, and even the scenario. All I can control is myself, but I am glad that my way of thinking is still in vivid or sharp mode which helped me maintain my sense of awareness.

Going back, the transition of event is so smooth that I can hardly identify how everything changed, they all seem naturally happened in an instant.

My Math teacher was not in our classroom anymore, and there's an American looking guy which might be our next teacher in a certain subject. I don't know him but my classmates are all familiar with him. He began writing something on the board, with cursive writing style which I could hardly understand, but my classmates could clearly comprehend everything.

I don't know, but aside from what he's writing on the board, there was also a monitor attached above the board, where the writings of my teacher were also shown there.

I can't really understand everything that's why I'm the only one who got late in submitting our papers.

In all that instances, I am already aware that I am just dreaming.

  • First. Why in the Earth are my classmates in Junior High and Senior High are together in the same classroom when they don't even know each other in real life?

  • Second. The transition of events happened in a very smooth yet instant manner.

  • Third. Why are my classmates suddenly group themselves even without our teacher's instruction? So weird kind of initiative.

  • Fourth. Who is that American looking guy? And why am I the only one who's not familiar with him when everyone in our room knew him?

  • Fifth. Why I can't understand my teacher's handwriting when everyone does?

  • Sixth. How is it possible that what my teacher wrote in the board will be easily copied in the monitor without anyone controlling it?

On that note, I am so aware that I am just dreaming and anytime soon, I'll wake up from that dream. However, despite knowing that it was just a dream, I can't deny the fact that I am enjoying every bit of it, though, some or let's say most happenings are really weird to me.

Okay so, since I am really enjoying that time, I eventually voiced out my thoughts which made everyone stopped from what they're doing.

The time seems like froze for a moment, and everyone in that room looked at me with widen eyes, and with a very creepy face.

My teacher (the American looking guy) looked at me with creepy wide eyes, and my seatmate told me that I shouldn't have said that.

Let me tell you what I've said.

So, in between my enjoyment, I said that "It's so nice to be here even if it's far from reality. I know this is just a dream because why are we in the same classroom when we have different courses in college in real life. What is that? A magic? HAHAHA"

That's what I've said. Nothing superficial, but everyone in that room with me was not happy with it. They seem shocked, annoyed or irritated with my words. My teacher then told me to get out because of what I did. He was so angry that he even demanded me not to show up my face in front of him anymore.

And that's when I suddenly woke up β€” it's already morning.

I realized that after I got an angry remarks and asked to go out in our classroom, I also got kicked out from that dream that made me open my eyes to welcome the reality.


Being aware in our dreams at night has many advantages that will make us enjoy every bit of the events happening. However, there are instances where we might just raise our brows because of the weird scenes and stuffs, and we might get kicked out from it if we go beyond the limits of enjoyment.

Furthermore, I enjoyed that dream because I got a chance to be with my former classmates again as if I went back to the old times. I really miss them all so I'm really grateful about that dream.

Others are saying that dreams have meanings associated in our real life. I don't know the exact interpretation of that dream of mine, but I am sure that maybe I just missed the old times so my mind created that scene.

How about you? Have you ever experienced having dreams in which you are completely aware of it? Let me know about it if there's any. I'm curious. πŸ˜„

Author's Note:

As a sign of gratitude, I want to express how thankful I am to you, my readers. Thank you very much for those who keeps on supporting me with my articles, and I hope that even though my writing skill was not yet pro enough, you are still learning from it. I am very thankful also to my sponsors, I am hoping that you are all doing fine and for you to be showered with more blessings from above.Β 

May the good Lord bless you more with love and grace! πŸ˜‡β€οΈ

Thank you so much for reading! πŸ’•

Date Published: January 24, 2022

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2 years ago
Topics: Dream, Awareness


Hahaha, dreams are really so unexpected hahaha there's some random people that will show ups that makes you think and also people who you doesn't have any single idea hahaha the you wake up an woahh that was weird dream.

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2 years ago

Yeah, dreams are sometimes weird and hilarious at the same time. πŸ˜†

$ 0.00
2 years ago

Oh dear! That's hilarious. Sorry if I make you angry.

$ 0.02
2 years ago

I was laughing at that dream of mine, to be honest. Anyway, what if I'll dream of that again, and you'll be my teacher? But, just don't kicked me outside the classroom. JkπŸ˜‚

$ 0.00
2 years ago

I would never do that. Perhaps I could teach you something special.

$ 0.00
2 years ago

That's nice to hear from you, teacher Luci!

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2 years ago