Every Experience is Worth Having

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Our experiences in life may not be always happy, but they are all worth having. We may experience downfall, but not all the time. There are times that we can consider as our lucky day because everything turned out the way we want to be. But, sometimes life itself is unpredictable. There are instances that we thought it would be great, but the opposite happened.

However, that should not be the reason for us to give up easily. Everything's happened for a reason. So we should always think of appreciating whatever we experienced before, because it may have a huge purpose in our life not just today, but in the future as well.


We often hear the quote "experience is the best teacher." Experience can be good or bad, but we always learn from it.

No matter how bad it is, we can still learn to strive more and do our best to succeed next time. We can use that bad experiences as a motivation to not be able to do the same mistakes again.

No matter how good it is, we can learn that our mistakes before doesn't correspond to us being a failure forever, but the sweet triumph can be tasted by us also that will make us joyful.

Failure and Success

Nobody is born to be perfect. As part of the learning process, we have to experience different things around us and it doesn't turned out to be positive always.

Sample No. 1

Just imagine yourself running to get into the finish line as part of the competition you've joined.

While running during the first minutes, it seems like everything's okay and you still have enough energy to keep your feet moving, but after a few hours, there you are, slowly draining the energy you have and it seems like it's very hard to reach the finish line.

Aside from losing energy, there are still other challenges that you need to pass, just like if you're competitors are cheating, if your shoes suddenly ruined, when the rays of the sunlight keeps you dizzy, if you ran out of water, and so on.

Then here comes the finish line nearly reached by you, but you don't know that there's someone who already won against you.

You lose, but you learned something. Everything you're dreaming of is not always easy to fulfill. Next time, try to get yourself more prepared than you are now, practice more, train yourself to be the best, and sooner or later, you Will be the next champion.

Sample No. 2

Another example is when passing a board exam for professionals. I've seen a lot of people struggling to pass that one and really felt devastated when they failed.

One of my teachers are one of those unfortunate to pass it. He failed to get the license, and he almost gave up to try it again. He failed twice and that really made him demotivated to take another exam again. He thought that he is not that smart to answer the questions correctly because his rating in the exam doesn't reached the passing rate, not just once but twice.

As one of his students, I felt sad for him. He's a good teacher, and he thought us lessons not just found in books, but based from his experiences. We are always fed up with knowledges, and we are all thankful of that because of him. We already considered him as a successful one, but for him, he's not yet until he got the license.

We motivated him, by asking him to try again. Sounds cliché, but try and try until you succeed is what made him feel alive again with his dream. He reviewed well alone in his home and through enrolling in a review center. He had his sleepless nights to learn, explored more things in his field of profession by working as teacher, had a positive mindset to succeed, and prayed to God.

That's the time when his cries turned into smiles after seeing the result of his hardwork. He is truly a professional now, not just in terms of the competencies he has, but also because of the license he's holding right after the oath taking ceremony. He failed twice, but succeed on the third one.

See? Experiences about failures won't make us loser. We can use that sad experiences to do much better than before. To do our best and never repeat the same mistakes again. But if ever that what we want turned out to be the opposite one for how many times, we still have lots of tomorrows to try again.


Our experiences are all worth it. No matter how positive or negative they are, we should still be grateful because they happened in our life. If it is positive then be thankful because it made us smile. If it is negative then appreciate it because we learned something from it to succeed next time.

Experiencing failure doesn't correspond to being a loser. In life, we either win or learn. No one is loser, we are all winners in our own perspective. All of our experiences are worth having for. No one can change what happened before, but everyone can do something to make a brighter future.

If we fail yesterday, learn from it today, to be successful tomorrow.

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2 years ago


True! But one of my professors said this, "Your reflection from that experiences is the best teacher".

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2 years ago

That's right po, because as we reflect on things we experienced before, that's the time when realizations and leassons began to hit our minds.

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2 years ago

You hit it! Have a nice Saturday friend! ☺️

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2 years ago

Thank you. Have a nice day too. ❤️

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2 years ago