Busy Days No More: Glad It's Over

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Now that I’m not super busy anymore, I can now go back actively here again.

For the past 2 days, there are so many things I have to work on. During those days, I was not able to write and publish an article because I had so little “me” time as I spent all of my time doing my tasks at home.

For the first day of that 2-day busyness, it was my older sister and brother’s graduation ceremony.

My sister graduated from college, while my brother graduated with his masteral degree. The institution where they graduated only accepted a limited number of visitors, so I haven’t got the chance to attend, and so my mom and dad were the only ones who attended the ceremony, while me and my little sister were left at home. Though I’m just here at home at that time, I was left with tons of household chores and I also had to manage our printing business by myself so I’m really exhausted at that time. In addition, I have to clean our home thoroughly so there won’t be any judgments (from the visitors) if ever that our house is dirty when the celebration comes on the next day.

When night came on that day, I was supposed to write an article to be published here, but sad to say, I am so tired to the point that I can’t even construct sensible sentences. My thoughts were crumbled, so I can’t express them in words. With that, I just let myself rest by sleeping and prepared for another day of working nonstop.

For the second day, I was busy again because it was the graduation celebration of my two older siblings.

The celebration here at home was pushed on a separate day from the actual graduation ceremony so there won’t be problems on who will entertain the visitors.

I was very busy helping my parents in preparing the foods, and I also helped my cousin in decorating (though I’m not good in art and I just helped by cutting the double-sided tape. lol). After the preparation, it’s still not the time to relax because we also have to serve the food, entertain the visitors (one of the most difficult tasks for me), and make sure that everyone’s enjoying themselves.

I am also assigned to be the cameraman so I only got little time to sit as I spent most of my time standing to take photos. Though I’m the cameraman, I also got the chance to be part of our family picture, but unfortunately, I didn't look nice there. There’s a photo where my hair strands were standing (side by side of my head) as if I had horns, plus I looked haggard. Huhu

Upon seeing the photo, I immediately edited it on the phone I’m using. I’m just glad that there’s an object eraser on the phone and got to erase my standing strands of hair. However, I realized that there were other visitors who took photos of us, and just by the thought of how horrible I looked, my confidence was slowly decreasing. That was so embarrassing.

Another reason why my confidence turned down on that celebration is when my brother in law’s sisters and cousins attended too. They were like beauty queens with their porcelain-like skin, long wavy hair, relatively tall height, and pretty face. Some of them looked more mature than me though they were only teenagers.

In that case, my ears didn’t escape the comparison and judgments thrown towards me by some of our visitors. However, I didn’t argue because they were right. During the picture taking, I looked like a potato that was freshly harvested from the ground. I am so shy to be with them at that time.


As a shy-type of person who isn’t physically appealing, being in a celebration like this is not really my cup of tea. Aside from being tired with the preparations and socializing, I am also mentally exhausted with everything. So when everything’s over, I am so happy now that I can relax. I am just diverting my attention to other things so I won’t be haunted by exhaustion and embarrassment from that celebration.

Sorry if this article isn’t actually informative and motivational unlike my previous articles. Sorry if you have to bear with my free writing style again, that seems nonsense to some. hehe

Author's Note:

First of all, I want to say thank you for leaning your time to read this article. I hope, you gained valuable knowledge from it that may help you in whatever aspect you have there.

Second, thank you for those who are supporting me in my journey here. From my readers, sponsors, and friends, thank you for always being there.

Lastly, I hope we will all have a prosperous day everyday, and a life full of blessings from above. Godbless us all. ❤️

Date Published: June 17, 2022

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Ahh, kaya pala bihira kana mag publish Ng content...we have the same situation, I'm also bombarded with house chores. And that's not easy especially there are also things that you must do. I appreciate your sacrifices as elder siblings 🥰

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1 year ago

Medyo busy po kaya hindi ako nakapag publish nang dalawang araw. Hehe Pero ngayon, back to normal na. Anyway, thank you po.

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1 year ago