Baby Shark, Is That You?

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When I was still in Senior High School there's a story circulating aroud our school about a ghost child who was named as Baby Shark. I don't know who gave that name to that ghost since I am just a transferee that time, but obviously the one created the name just based it on the song made for kids by Pinkfong.

According to my former teacher who claimed to have a third eye and can feel the presence of ghost, Baby Shark is a young girl whose been wandering aroung the buildings and loves to play when it's raining. Whenever it rains and the surrounding becomes dark, Baby Shark will start to stamp her feet on the floor and run as if someone's chasing her.

There was a time when our school was flooded with water caused by the typhoon and releasing of dam (San Roque dam to be exact). Our classes was suspended for almost a month during that time, I guess, and only the faculty staffs and the non-teaching staffs are there to monitor everything and clean what's needed to be cleaned. The flood almost reach the height of a person, so all of them used boats and decided to stay on the second floor of the building. And since it's raining that time, there's water around, and everything seems gloomy and dark, that's the time when Baby Shark started to play around.

According to what my former teacher told us:

We are all inside the faculty room, chit-chatting about random stuffs when we heared some foot steps that seems like running based on how fast they are. I thought it was just our co-teachers or the janitors, but hearing the slight chuckle, it was a voice of around 5 year-old child. One of us volunteered to look who it is outside, having the intention of asking how did the child manage to go right there when it fact, given the situation, the security guard won't permit a child to go inside. But, guess what? No one's there.

We began to experience goosebumps and one of my co-teachers whose sitting beside me said that Baby Shark might be here. Whose Baby Shark? I asked. Baby Shark is a young soul who loves to wander around during rainy season, she said. I asked her how did she know about it and she replied that she is a former student in the said school, during her High School years. But, the term Baby Shark is not yet born, and they just called the young ghost as "mumu."

On the next day, that paranormal phenomenon never subside. We still experience the goosebumps and the eerie feeling brought by the said ghost. From time to time, we can hear the foots steps running around, and the continuous knocking on the door at the faculty room we are staying everytime we're finish in cleaning. I even saw Baby Shark with my naked eyes. She was peering through the door that time, but not all of us managed to see her, just me and my co-teacher whom I asked about that ghost before. I was so scared that time but as time passed by, I'm getting used to it. She seems to be harmless, but of course if you happen to see and feel her for the first time, I'm sure you will get afraid as well.

That was the story told by my former teacher during class hour. I remember, all of us are paying attention to every detail she uttered about Baby Shark that we didn't realize that the time scheduled for our quiz was already done, so obviously it was postponed and we cheered in excitement.

But, I admit I got scared as well even if I am not gifted with third eye and I have the less chances of seeing a ghost. I got goosebumps after I realized that I have to wait for my older sister until 7:00 pm at night because I don't have remaining money for my fare, and riding in her motorcycle was my last resort.

But, despite the scary feeling brought by Baby Shark, having no third eye was my weapon against seeing her right with my naked eyes.

However, I have this scary turned out to be a funny experience while having my thoughts about ghost.

I went to our school's comfort room that time when a lady with a porcelain-like skin, wearing a white dress, having a long jet-black hair and dark eyes with a visible eye-bags greeted me the moment I went out from the cubicle where I peed. She was combing her hair and looking at the mirror with a blank expression. I was about to scream because she really looked like a white lady when a girl student came with us and tap the lady's shoulder. It turned out that they were best friends, and they will be having a role play that's why the lady looked like a white lady because that's her role, I guess. They looked at me with a mocking face maybe because my expression was very funny to look at.

Hayysss... I sighed in relief, even if I'm a bit embarrassed with the incident. Atleast it's not a real ghost. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘ป


All in all, I haven't seen Baby Shark or any ghost yet. Just like what I've said a while back, I have no third eye and I can't feel the presence of supernatural beings. But, still, I am scared with the thought of seeing a ghosts even though I am not sure if they are true and existing in this world. I can see ghost, but in my dreams only, or whenever I'm having a sleep paralysis. I know it was just some sort of hallucinations so I never considered those ghosts as true. There are lots of evidences being presented may it be on the television, books and real-life experiences by someone, but I do believe that the best weapon against those wandering souls are prayers and strong faith to our Almighty God.

No one can beat the power of prayers, and with our Lord's guidance, we will be forever safe from danger.

By the way, who's that kid beside you?

Baby Shark, is that you?

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2 years ago


As much as I want to finish this, I can't dear since I'm afraid of ghost or any paranormal thingy. But I am quite confused why baby shark tho? It doesn't seem that horror or the name is not that scary. Hehe

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2 years ago

That's the name they gave to the ghost, but I don't know who created it. The ghost seems jolly, plus she's a kid, so maybe that's the reason why the name was given to her.

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2 years ago