The relationship as a couple

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When you are starting a relationship the first thing you find is a lot of unknowns which you want to know and if you are really interested in the person is more the desire to know everything about this person. Now what happens after knowing their past, some are not very good to say, others do not really have much to tell, the truth is that if the first impression of a person is the one that gives at the first moment. On the other hand, we cannot forget something very important, when we met this person, he was "free" that is to say, he only belonged to himself, but what happens later? The difficult thing is to understand that no one belongs to anyone and that maybe if you are now living with that person, he/she does not belong to you.

When you enter into a relationship very common mistakes are made, such as. Thinking that now the person who is currently in a relationship with you is your property, as if it were an object, land etc .... The truth is that we feel that he/she is ours and, no, nobody belongs to anybody, basic rule. We must understand that this person, even if she is living with us, has full freedom, to feel that she is in the relationship because she wants it and not because she feels obligated. I don't mean by this that she can walk in the street looking for any girl she can find. No. It is not necessary to have to submit someone to be in a relationship because there is simply free will.

A relationship in order to flow properly must have good communication, communication is everything even in the most difficult moments, there is nothing nicer than being able to feel that you do not keep anything from your partner, there are even people who daily tell each other what happens to them, that's perfect. Because a very special bond of trust is created.

Sharing with your partner is not only to be with her, we must learn to enjoy the moment when we are by her side, it is not the same, spend time with your partner, to enjoy the time with your partner, dedicate that moment exclusively only to her, it will make her feel very appreciated and certainly strengthen the bond that exists between the two.

Many relationships fail and some even become routine, all because our partner does not necessarily want you to take her somewhere, but to show her that she is worth every second, minute, hour, day...

Another very important fact, do not think that because you are already in a relationship you should stop doing what you did at the beginning. That is, always be the person she fell in love with, not because you are already in a relationship you will stop doing it. Believe me this also happens a lot, we must try every day to fall more in love with our partner, even if we have been together for 20 years, we must treat her as if it were our first day, I doubt very much that if you do it, she will leave you. Obviously, this treatment must be reciprocal, give to receive if both of you show the love you always have for each other, everything will be worth it.

When we want our partner to change something, there is no better example than giving it ourselves, it is worthless to tell him/her that he/she should change, he/she will probably take it badly or maybe he/she will listen to you but in the same way he/she will not change anything, the best solution is to demonstrate through our actions, it is the best lesson we can give and without a doubt there will be some change in the future.

Because there is no more difficult person to accept when we have done wrong than ourselves.

In a relationship where there is true love, there must be respect and trust as two fundamental pillars, if there is mutual respect everything will go well, even they will be the most admired couple and not only by other people probably if they have children, by themselves and, trust as I mentioned above, trust is extremely important, where there is trust there will be no insecurities that can spoil things, it always happens that eternal love comes together, but there is no respect and trust .... After three months or even less they end up leaving each other, remember it is very important to know when to take the step to have a relationship, we must have a lot of maturity, we must be people capable of handling situations that in some cases are quite complex.

In my personal experience, I have gone through several relationships, today I have my husband and daughter, I can say that from my former partners I learned many things, I probably feel that they modified me to be the woman I am today. I had to go through different situations to understand many things, thanks to them I was able to mature many aspects of my personality, which led me to the woman I am today. Like me, my partner also had to live through many not so beautiful situations, but we both decided to start this beautiful path several years ago, which I can say with total certainty that I do not regret a bit. It feels good to spend time with someone who really listens to you, who tells you things no matter how hard they seem and that the conversations are always pleasant and full of romance, there is nothing nicer than being able to fully trust someone, without fear that they can hurt you or hurt you. Because that is the trust that should strengthen the relationship.

Whenever you want to start a journey with someone special, start by being sincere, take the first step, give that example and vote of confidence, maybe the other person is also afraid of being hurt, especially if they tell you their past, do not judge them, you can give them a hug. Then tell her that everything will be fine, because you do not love her past but the person who, thanks to what she has lived through, is the person she is today.

I like to be able to give tools to people who do not feel that they are the only ones to whom bad things always happen. To all of us, after every storm, always comes the calm. Happy day to all of us. Friends.

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Nice couple

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Encantado con este artículo! Excelente!

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