My emblematic moments

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2 years ago

The good thing about being able to store every moment in our memory is that we don't need anything more than our concentration to be able to relive those events that in one way or another marked our life, although certainly our memory keeps the good moments and those that are not so good, there is something good that this happens. Perhaps the bad moments are more a kind of reminder that if we do something wrong it has its consequences, there are also events that are not our fault and are negative in the same way but something positive is learned at least something or at least that's how I think.

I like to be able to think that from every negative thing you can get a lot of good reasons. I don't see why not, we don't lose anything by being positive or even trying. We must be aware that we attract everything we think and being negative will not be a good solution.

Today I want to share some of the moments that I consider the most important in my life, I say most important because if I have to list them they have marked me for life.

If anyone has deserved all my support it has been my partner, since I met this man I have been able to understand so many things, one of the most important being that, love is a beggar; although many times we look for someone to take us into account and we flatter and look for and even then they do not take us into account, with my partner I learned that one should be where they want you, where you feel loved, where they show you true love, where you feel that they really appreciate your company.

While most of my adolescence was a wandering and then I moved on to adulthood thinking that you are happy with the life I was living until I realised that what I was living was nothing more than a lie invented by myself. The people who were by my side were nothing more than interest, my current partner at that time never had time for me, in reality there were so many things that I think and say that I really don't know what I was thinking.

Now I am much calmer, being able to sit down and think about how I feel and if I am doing the right thing, helps me to focus and evaluate if something needs to be changed in me. Learning to value myself was one of the steps I had to take back then, today I can say that I am a more confident woman thanks to the person who dedicated part of his time to me and made me feel valuable, he made me feel wanted, valued and loved.

My husband and father of my daughter I owe him more than the love he has offered me, I owe him for guiding me back to the winning path and not only guiding me but also for accompanying me and moving forward together. That is why I consider this a special moment, his graduation for what he fought so hard for, a goal accomplished.

I consider these women my sisters, thank you for the unconditional support they have always given me, to be able to get people who always show you that you are important to them and who show it through their actions is priceless to me. Today the three of us are already mothers, each one has managed to formalise her family and I hope that it will remain that way for the rest of her life.

When you meet a person we are always sceptical and unfriendly, with them everything was different from the first shared moment, their energy transmitted confidence and it seems to have been mutual because they also understood that there were certain good energies in me as I did in them. Today we are great sisters in life, taking our greatest pride in having a united family.

I would like to be able to say that for me friendships today are difficult, I think I can count on one hand the true friendships I have, I know they are very few because no one is willing to have sincere friends, today's forgiveness is very superficial and they forget the true meaning of friendship. To always remain united and thus overcome any objective, that is what a good and sincere friendship is all about. I thank the two beautiful women I had the opportunity to meet and I hope that these friendships will always continue.

I have always considered that birthdays are nothing more than unnecessary expenses or at least that's what I thought until one birthday I ended up receiving this beautiful gift from my husband, I learned how special it feels that someone manages to get a smile instead of a tear, that can surprise you and also leave you with your mouth open, another special moment shared next to the man I love.

Thanks to the beautiful personality of this man, I can say that I have many beautiful moments to choose from and that thanks to his love and trust I am a better person today. For me now the family union can overcome any obstacle, it is worth fighting for what you want to achieve. Whenever we want to achieve something, demonstrating with our heart and making the best decisions will help us to achieve anything.

That day I felt like the most loved woman, although at first I didn't feel much joy because I had spent unnecessary money on that cake, after several minutes of reflection I understood that the only thing that matters is the intention. He only wanted to give me something good, besides the fact that I could not see my mother that day because she was far away, my husband knew how to remedy the sadness I felt.

"because love is everything that surrounds us, touches us and speaks to us".

How difficult it is to see, touch and feel when we are truly loved, that is why it is so important to learn to see without our eyes, to listen without our ears and to feel without our hands. Learning to listen with the heart, to touch with the eyes, to feel with the mind. When we manage to do all this, we overcome the limits of every relationship, we don't open up any harder than ourselves.

You can imagine my anxiety levels in the days before giving birth, I couldn't stop thinking about when the day would come, I was so afraid of something going wrong that I often didn't sleep either. Those were not easy days when I was just waiting for my due date. As the days went by I realised that everything was going to be fine, my daughter was calm and was just waiting for the right moment to be born.

When I took this photo I was celebrating what they call a baby shower, a kind of culture that I know is practiced in many places around the world, and that was one of the most tiring days. I knew I had to rest but my husband couldn't handle it all so I decided to help him deliver food and stuff. I felt like my feet were going to explode, they were super swollen so I had to take a break in the room after taking that photo so I could get my energy back and keep going.

I had a lot of friends in attendance as well as the people closest to me in my life. To be able to share with each one of them I am very grateful. Because they were very sincere people who committed themselves to attend and so they did.

Finally, I would like to tell you how great and wonderful my daughter's christening was. I knew it was going to be something beautiful but I didn't know how much, many people attended, godparents and relatives. It was really hard to make this christening a reality because we had to travel two hours to the nearest city to go to a church to have the baptism.

I was surprised at the number of people who attended despite the fact that it was far away from home. That day was also a very tiring one, I felt that I had to walk all day, all day long I had to work, if it is true what they say that everyone enjoys our children's birthdays except the parents, I understand perfectly why they say these things.

I remember that at every moment I had to go into the house to get something to eat or drink. The important thing is that my daughter was able to be baptised and thus proceed to her birthday.

Each photograph has a special connotation for me, they are moments that have made a difference. They managed to capture the purest and most sincere feeling of love, I have a kind of relic in my life, which are; My Family.

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Every moment brings charm in our life. If we store it and capture all those important moments, we will be so happy in our later life when we will use to cast glance over this and recall our cherished memories. You do so well to store all those moments

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