Inspired by a photograph, reflection as part of our life.

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Photo: I want to denote the importance of being able to reflect in moments like the ones we are living today, some of the photos that I am going to show you today, have a great reflective value for me, the flower in this case represents our source of life, every day we must go to work in different places, the bees are us, every day we must share work with other people, going out no matter what, we must be positive with everything that we are living.

In days like the ones we are living, I value to have enough time to reflect deeply on the importance of being able to make the best of the situation in which we are living, now is when we have the opportunity to deepen our relationship within our family. wounds that have marked us and that we have been difficult to confront is time to stop, to relate a little more with our loved ones and somehow express all those emotions we are feeling.

"In a flood of emotions we can find ourselves, immersed in a world far away from the existing reality, longing for the return of moments in which we were very happy, ignoring the opportunity of each day, each day that for me personally is a miracle come true."

since we are born life teaches us that it is too short to enjoy it, too long for those who live moments of agony and too deep for those who are very superficial people, we have been living life at an accelerated speed, now we have been abruptly imposed for an indefinite time a stop, a stop so forced that it has not been easy to process, the stillness for many is not easy to bear, more when it is forced ... On the other hand, we must be consistent with all this situation, keep in mind that everything passes, everything flows, nothing is eternal... I would like to think that we are only in a solar eclipse, at this moment we live in total darkness, but the time will come when it will pass and the light will come.

I am also afraid of so much uncertainty, perhaps it is the worst moment in history and in the world itself, perhaps it is the hardest lesson to accept to remove our fears in the face of an inexorable frenzy of distressing emotions, we must put on the cloak of heroes and come out of the darkness, pretend that nothing affects us and ignore the bad news, avoid in the least stressors that can cause discouragement, it would be winning the war without having started it.

In moments like the ones we are living, REFLECT is the key, even though these are critical moments in a society that is not able to process the difficult situation. CRITICAL in times of hardship; it is important and essential to be able to find the good side of all the situations we are living daily, the solution is in everything except for those who have left this world, the opportunities are daily either in our face or anywhere, learn to find opportunities where others only see closed doors, the teaching is written, in the difficult path that has been handed down to us.

To be able to connect with our inner self in moments of restlessness like the ones we are living, it is not necessary to be hard, repressing our emotions only fuels the fire of our inner bonfire, oxygenate our body with pure and true energy. We cannot continue to regret what has no sense, what has happened has no return, but we can mark a point and an end. For those who have memory the chapters of each day lived is a past history, on them the new paths are written. We as rational beings have a step forward in front of new challenges, this teaching clearly leaves us a painful memory, it will last for years, perhaps for a decade, the regrettable departure of so many people, but it will also give way to new challenges, new lifestyles, a society that will learn from its mistakes.

Today I captured a photograph in the first place, I liked it because it has enough analogy, although, in it you can see two bees, maybe they are from different hives, but they are looking for something in common, these insects have to leave the comfort of their home every day to look for supplies for their children, for their queen and many others, but like us every day is a different day full of surprises, some of these bees leave but never return, in the same way happens with us humans, every day we must go to work without knowing what our destiny holds, even; Many of us go out at this precise moment to work, they can not stop even if they want to, all because they are in charge of a family or some responsibility to themselves, no matter that they must leave, a clear example, our doctors, like bees that take care of their hive, these doctors go out every day to care for our society, risking their lives and those of their loved ones to be exposed, all for a common purpose, to take care of each other.

The lives of a bee and a human are not very different, maybe if we see it well, all living beings have a high risk to leave our place of comfort, but we must do it, no matter how difficult things are, we must move forward, no matter how dark the storm is, it will pass. With my heart in my hand, I have thought these last few days, that the key to be able to face this new era, is ourselves, the ability to cope with situations with a high level of stress, the ability to adapt to situations outside our place of comfort. All this is in us.

Finally, I have reflected on what I feel, in the heart of a noble man we will always find sentimental emotions, perhaps some stronger than others, although this man is marked by moments of his life, part of these good/bad moments, are part of him, learning from our experiences make us more capable people, for a world without memory but with history.

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You certainly pointed out rational analogies in here. I agree we always need that me time to reflect on our decisions and choices, etc.

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