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Your smile should do the following

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1 month ago

Your Smile Should Do The Following

You don't have to plant a frown on your face always. A simple smile will make you shine and get rid of wrinkles!

Below are few of what your smile should do to you.

It should calm your nerves: Sitting before great men and women can make you nervous. It could be before your to-be employer or colleagues or in a competition. A simple smile should tell you "calm down, you can do it".

It should make you approachable: A lot of people want to come close to you, but your frown puts them off. You can attract people to yourself by having a welcoming smile.

It should make you more beautiful: Yes! The last but not the least, smiling makes you more beautiful. Can you see it is also a beauty treatment?

Now that you know all these, can you please give that smile?

Start the week with an attractive smile.

I love to see you smile.

You Shouldn't Stop There!

Last night got me reflecting on how the day went. I asked myself if the plan for the day was executed, satisfied by the results I got, I reflected on the past weeks.

It has been a very great month! I've learnt a lot of things and connected with great minds. I've also discovered my faults and worked on some. After the assessment, a question crept in; "could there have been a better result"?

I sensed the felling of satisfaction, like I had already arrived. I mean, on top of the world. You get that feeling, right?

The type you experience when you've done something great. Immediately, I detected it, I said to myself, "you shouldn't stop here, there are more grounds to cover".

But why? Because satisfaction can slow one's pace.

A lot of great minds are where they are because they are satisfied with what they have achieved. Success isn't bad! But, good success should motivate you to do more. Only few understand this and that's why many aren't moving forward.

I know you need this, yes, you reading this. One time success isn't enough, you've to hunger for more. Strive for the best, because there's always something better than best.

"Satisfaction with success kills potential" Dr. Myles Munroe.

The potential to bless more lives.

The potential to dominate more territories.

The potential to liberate many people.

All these can go down the drain if you remain where you are.

Listen,  I know you will experience moments like this but whenever the thoughts of satisfaction come to you, silence it.

Don't think you've arrived and you have no need of mentors and coaches. Always have it in mind, that there are more lessons to take, courses to offer and sacrifices to make.

All to attain that great height. I'm ringing it into your ears dear friend, you shouldn't stop there!

Don't relent, don't slack.You're made for more.

N.B. Learn to assess yourself often, it opens you up to what you're doing and should be doing.

Your Actions, Your Tomorrow

I've come to realized that no matter how worst your background is, it is still not yet an excuse for you not to make the best out of life.

I had the privilege to be brought up in a rowdyish society where people engaged in different activities and behave as if there is nothing called tomorrow, ranging from smoking, thuggery and other various acts that could disturb the peace of the society.

I could recall back then in 2005 to 2010,there were three sets of people in my society where you have the choices to decide where you wished to belong to, we have some sets of people who took their life very serious with western education while there were also some that took  the religion as their core focus while the last set of people were the ones whose their aims and objectives are to disturb the peace of the society.

In this type of community, you have the choice to decide where to belong to while no one would question you for making the decision but one thing would stand against you and that's YOUR TOMORROW.

The decision you make today and the actions you take would determine what your tomorrow would be and everyone's wishes is to have a better tomorrow plus a longer one.

I later realized that you need to encounter some difficulties in life just for you to know and understand how well you need to take up responsibilities over your burdens.

It occurred to me that life is nothing upon nothing over nothing and it has nothing to give and nothing to collect but to get the best out of it , Your actions are the powerful determinant of that.

We all crave for a better tomorrow but not all are ready to pay for the price but we are ready to settle with prize.

If you are not ready to pay for the price today, Don't plan to settle for the prize tomorrow because it never happens like that and will never!

Remember, you can only harvest what you plant and nothing else beyond that!

You can decide to live a better life plus a longer one with the decisions and actions you take today.

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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Thank you for this article. I will continue smiling as I have been doing. I discovered that smiling helps me to relax. People trust you when you smil a lot.

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