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Where is my Home?

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1 month ago


      Maybe you're wondering, why am I alone? This is not actually what I wanted. You see, who wants to have a broken home, a broken heart and a broken soul? No one! No one would ever wish to be a victim of an unfair world.

      Unfortunately, life left me no choice, so I have to find my way, my path hoping that somewhere on this dark lonely road there's a perfect place where I can have peace. Am I expecting too much? But what can I do? I'm already dying inside and it's only my faith and hope that keeps me alive. I don't want to kill this tiny little torch inside my heart because if I do, I would completely lose track.

       Walking alone is not gonna be easy, I'm aware of that. But sometimes in life, we have to be resilient and we also have to learn when to cut our ties from people who don't even want to give us a hand when we fall and when things get tougher.

       This is my life, my world. And if no one could give me a home, then I will make my own home. I will never let myself bending and twisting out of recognition in a bid to win over anyone's approval. Because I believe that when you learn to enjoy your own company, you

become truly empowered. No longer will you rely on other people's authorization to prop up your self-esteem or substantiate your life intentions.

Your faith in your judgment will grow, and you will come to regard yourself as a competent capable person with much to offer the world.

         So to all the people who left me and betrayed me, I have two words for you; Thank You. Thank you for making me realize that spending quality time by myself, I will be less likely to accept poor treatment from others in the future because I already realize in the first- hand ordeal that being solitary is much fairer than living with someone who makes me feel recessed and insufficient, invisible and unheard.

        Don't worry about me, as I'm stronger than you can imagine. I may cry and maybe get tired but giving up is not part of my vocabulary. So mark this in your heart and mind, I will build my own home so that I will never stay lost forever.


What is your problem? Do you think you alone are passing through problems?

Do you think your problem is bigger than any bodies problem?

Let me tell you this,

What you are currently passing through has happened to someone before and he has emerged victoriously.

It is now left for you to get tough and also emerge a winner.

Are you unemployed? The truth is both the employed and unemployed people have problems.

Lots of people have jobs they hate. Some are employed yet they hate the job because they are not paid well,

Others are paid well but don't have much time for themselves and their love once can you see now?

The list goes on and on

Do you want to be the boss? The boss is also having challenges on how to manage employee relationships for maximum productivity.

Do you want to be self-employed?

I believe you understand the uncertainties that are found in starting and managing a business.

There are problems everywhere, at the top, at the middle, at the centre.

At every level, they exist in different forms.

Let me assure you, Things will go wrong. Anything that can go wrong will surely go wrong one day.

Possessing this kind of mindset will deliver you from stress and stress-related diseases.

You can't kill yourself because of problems.

As I write this am currently trying to tackle a very big problem I encountered two days ago about my business.

But I would allow that to stop me from enjoying life.

In the mids of the problem, I will still enjoy my life I will laugh, relax, be cool, I wound be sad

because many are the miseries of the ethical but the Lord transmit them from them all.

This is one of my solid confidence.

The Lord Jesus did not promise you smooth sailing through life

Prophet Muhammed did not promise our Muslim dear brothers smooth sailing through life.

Buddha didn't either

Life is not fair.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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good story

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nice your story

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