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Wait before you click publish

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1 month ago

Wait before you click publish​

Read for aspiring and existing authors who are about to write and publish their first book or next book

I have had enough, yes you heard me right. Can you imagine?​

After speaking with more than five authors this week, it dawned on me that most authors rushed into publishing a book without setting the right foundations.​

All the authors I spoke with kept complaining of no or low sales. One of them told me using these words; I hope my book will sell soon enough.​

How do you build a future on just hope alone? Of course, such a future can't last.​

I deliberately used future in this context because your book is not a one-time money-making machine where you sell today and the next time you sell the book is in five years.​

You need to understand that being an author is a long-term game and not a short term game.​

What is the essence of writing a book that nobody buys?​

It is a waste of time and efforts. I am sure you want that to change and if this is your first book which you are about to publish, making sales consistently is something you desire. ​

Pay close attention to these 2 things I will share with you now.​


Before you publish that book, ensure you have done your research especially using Amazon to know what people in your niche are searching for.​ A book that struggles to sell is one that skipped the research stage.​

When I work with aspiring and existing authors as a book project consultant, one thing I do with them is taking their book idea through the research stage.​

This is important because people only buy books that are highly demanding.​

Why do you think the Amazon book store exists? Do you how many people go there to buy books?​

It shows that research is key if you want your book to sell like a wide fire.​

And the research I am talking about is not something basic, you need to work with an expert so you don't burn your fingers.​


I see authors publish books and they come crying to me asking for advice on how to get sales for their books, when I ask what marketing strategies they use, no quality response is given.​

Do you see why they won't sell a copy?​

Having highly converting marketing strategies for your book is very important.​

This is why I always recommend working with a book project consultant so you don't get stranded with a book refusing to sell.​

With these two tips, I am sure you won't go and click publish in a hurry.​

There are other tips but I have reserved them for the inner chamber.​


This is a story about  Elon Musk

A one-time richest man in the world (some months ago) before the current richest man overtook him.

Elon started as a small businessman and translated to an international businessman.

As an international businessman Elon needed to make the transfer and receive funds from his customers who are not in his country.

He has tried the banks to assist him in making the transfer

But, ...

We all know how slow and inefficient is an inter-country transfer of fund is when it comes to the worlds banking system.

For instance, it will take you almost two to three months before you can receive the money send to you from another country and vice versa.

Elon was trapped in this situation.

The reputation of his company is at stake

He needed to make the rate at which he receives and send money to be fast as possible.

Instead of complaining about how the banks are so poor in this aspect,

He went further to start PayPal

This is a company that helps people to transfer and receive money from another country In a very short period.

With PayPal's, it takes only about 20 minutes to received money from someone In another country.

I don't know how he did that but one thing I know is,

He sat down to think about the positive possibilities that came with the problem he has encountered. He solved the problem confronting him and him when further to help others solve their own.

This was what Oga Mark Zuckerberg did.

This is another story

And that makes him a blessing to many people.

Elon Musk has taught us a lesson

The lesson is,

There are two sides to every problem confronting you.

A coin has two sides, the head and the tail.

That problem confronting you has a positive possibility attached to it

All you need to do is to focus your attention on the act of Finding them out.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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