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Three money making ideas for anyone who don't know what business to start

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1 month ago

Here are three money making ideas for anyone who don't know what business to start or want an additional stream of income.


I was having a conversation with a lady last month who wanted to boost her relationship and marriage NICHE brand online; one of the things I shared with her was the FORMULA called teaching.​

Sometimes we think teaching is what those in a school do or people born with the gift display but that is not entirely true.​

As long as you are good at doing something then some people are passionate and desperately looking for that knowledge.​

Earlier today I shared some strategies for those in poetry on my WhatsApp status( if you are not on my WhatsApp status then you are missing a lot) and to my surprise, a lot of them sent me a private message saying they want to learn how they can make money from their passion for poetry.​

Now imagine someone that is good at poetry and he starts a monthly subscription paid training for upcoming poets, let's say the subscription fee is 2,000 naira and 50 people pay monthly, that is 100,000 naira.​

Just for sitting down with your smartphone or laptop and teach 50 people monthly what you know how to do as regards poetry, it brings 100,000 nairas. ​

When someone tells me, Godstime I don't have money and can't think of a business to start, one of the ideas I share is for them to teach what they know how to do best.​

To find that which you know how to do best and start teaching alongside making money.​


Gone are those days you wait for a traditional publisher who will have to scan through your manuscript to see if you qualify to get a publishing deal.​

You don't have to wait to write 250 pages of a book before you become an author in the 21st century.​

This doesn't mean you should write a boring book rather it means you can easily become an author in less than 7 days publishing an EBOOK on Amazon and other online book stores.​

Once your EBOOK title is catchy and grabs the attention of your target audience, the content solves their pain points then be assured that the eBook will sell especially when your marketing strategies are superb.​

I was talking to one of my clients a few days back, she said her new EBOOK which of course is the first ( I guided her to write and publish it) now has buyers even when it was pre-order.​

She turned her knowledge and experiences in the area of marriage and relationship into an EBOOK. I will be publishing it on Amazon soon so she can get more sales.​

What do you know so well that you can turn into an eBook and publish it? Start writing that eBook now and it doesn't have to be too long for it to become an EBOOK.​


This is one in which you can make 6 figures monthly once you get the right guidance and strategies.​

Sometimes I wish we have more coaches and not just courses or books.​

Don't get me wrong, we have coaches but some niches don't exist or are scarce.​

For instance, do you know that there are people who want to be coached on how to get a remote job and build a profitable career?​

There are about to get married couples who need a coach on understanding the bedroom dynamics(sex) and finances.​

Just giving examples and letting you know that you can start coaching programs to guide a target audience for achieving a specific result.​

Stop giving excuses and saying no business to start or extra streams of income can be created because of no startup capital.​

You can start with the above money-making ideas.​

There are more but the above is easy to start once you have the right person to train and guide you to start.​

In all, take action because action makes the difference.​

Did you get value?​

Yes or No?​

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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