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This is why you will never be a confident person

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1 month ago


PS: Don't read this once and think you have gotten the message; read it again, and again, before you scroll away.

No matter how hard you read, you might never be a confident person. You want to know why? Then follow me tenaciously. Last week, we had considered some of the practices to make a lifestyle, to build our level of confidence. They are body languages that exude how confident we are.

Before I proceed, if you saw and read that content, which of the signs did you practice?

If I am not mistaking, the answer will be "none".

This is where your problem lies. Failure to "do". Life is about taking action. The word "do" is an action word. It means to take action.

The reason you will never be a confident person is because

You read and not act.

You hear and not do.

"Doing", starts with the first move you make, then others will follow. But most times, the problem lies with the LACK OF GUTS TO START.

Until you are COURAGEOUS enough to start doing that thing you have proposed in your mind for decades, to do, you will remain a COWARD.

I am not insulting you o. I am only stating the obvious.

The opposite of confidence is fear, and one who fears is not brave, and one who is not brave, is a ...(complete the sentence). Can you see?

If you do not want to be termed a COWARD, please find the COURAGE to START doing that thing you should do, that will change your life for the better.

As communicators, if you lack the courage to speak out or write and share, to express yourself, then you're of all men most miserable. Yes! You are in the midst of people, you are itching to talk but at the same time, too shy or afraid to talk, do you feel peaceful on the inside?

You are in this space, you read the articles of other people, you have something to write as well but you hold back for fear of something best known to you. Don't you feel miserable?

All you need to do today is, find the courage to start. Worst-case scenario, get professional help. Some of us who are into these things are here to help you, ask for it.

Until you begin to act (do) on what you read or listen to on how to be a confident person, my darling, no two ways about it, you will NEVER be one. And one of those HOWs is to, find the courage to ... (Complete the sentence yourself).

When you start, and continue, confidence begins to grow in you.


Dear Friend, Do always remember what success means to the world and how it's been weighed by the world.

No one born to fail but we were all born to attempt and then resulted in either failure or success.

But one thing will always limit your actions towards either success or failure and that's CONFIDENCE

Confidence is one of those tools that give successful people chances over unsuccessful ones.

Confidence is one of those tools that differentiate a leader from a follower.

Confidence is that tool needed to open that closed door,

And the Unavailability of this in you, limit your greatness.

Confidence is that tool that makes you differentiate possibilities from impossibility,

Dear Friend, Nothing in life would be achieved without CONFIDENCE

It's the driver of all successes and as well it's the key to open numerous opportunities.

And to achieve the best you want on this planet Earth, Your CONFIDENCE level shouldn't less than average.

I've seen men doing the impossible all with the help of confidence.

The level of your CONFIDENCE would determine the level of your Greatness.

Get the shyness off and put on the coat of confidence, only if you decide to live a better life plus a longer one.

Digest this and anticipate how best CONFIDENCE can be used to generate more revenue as an entrepreneur in the subsequent post.

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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Confidence is a very important factor to human life. Without this I think it will be hard for us to grow because we don't have the courage to speak. I love your article, keep it up!

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