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The structure of human civilization

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The structure of human civilization

The beginning of the period of recovery of the planet after the times when the main number of earthlings did not set a goal for what they live for when they lived fragmented.

Among the earthlings, a clear idea has grown up in each person that the entire universe was created by a single true Creator to further spread life. And, accordingly, humanity in general and each person, in particular, had a specific goal — the spread of life. Each person individually chose their own based on their own experience and preferences personal goal, which was consistent with the overall goal.

Each person constantly, after every seven years, moves to where he considers it more necessary - geographically, to another national state, or an international zone, he changes his social role — can go from working as a simple employee in a separate national state, even to heading the entire planet, if he has the necessary skills. There are constant rotations — this is a new principle necessary to maintain the spirit of life.

There are national states on earth whose main tasks are to support worldview and cultural diversity.

The activities of all national states are coordinated by the world government.

Each national state has its separate national language, which is maintained and developed. Those that didn't have their own create them based on dialects. National art, literature, worldview features are developing, and their legends are developing. It is also the responsibility of the national States to take care of new technologies that are not dependent on other states. These are, for example, growing food in simple ways, supporting horse-drawn vehicles, paper mail, couriers who physically move to deliver paper messages.

Each state is separated from the other by an international territory, that is, it acts as an island in the international ocean.

National states are also responsible for the growth of children in a certain national spirit.

Here we need to pay attention to another aspect of the civilization of the dark times.

Along with the central concepts of belonging of the entire Universe to a single Creator, along with the main task of humanity — to spread life on Earth and in the Universe, another key concept is Movement. Movement is applied wherever it can be applied.

The first seven years after birth, the child lives with his parents in one national state, the next seven — in another, then until the age of 21 — in the third. After that, the young person chooses which of the three previous Nations she belongs to. The next seven years to the 28th anniversary are spent in the fourth country, where a person lives an adult, independent life. After that, the transition is possible in those countries where the person has already lived, but in each country for no more than seven years in a row. There are also possible transfers to other countries.

As for professional activity, in the third seven years, a person learns two specialities, and in the fourth — another one. All three majors must be from different industries.

As already mentioned, the prerogative of nation-states is a more humanitarian sphere and simple technologies.

However, high technologies are located in the international zone, in a network of territories-corridors that cover the entire Earth. And here a person gets to work already in adulthood — after 21 years, already with a formed worldview.

The Common State has its language, different from any of the national languages. Here, on the territory of the Common State, all the development of modern technologies is underway — the development and production of space vehicles that deliver life forms to other planets. Here they explore space, here they conduct joint research on history. They develop modern means of communication, etc.

All settlements in the international zone are, in fact, one huge city-artery that has covered the entire Earth with its lace. In contrast to the national states, where small towns and villages predominate.

The basic principle is that what was generated exclusively by nation-states is left to them. What requires mutual human control is guided by the mutual efforts of all earthlings.

As a result, we can say the main thing.

All earthlings recognize the one Creator of the Universe and the Earth.

The common territory is framed by corridors of the territory of nation-states.

The whole society is constantly on the move.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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