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The story you will tell

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1 month ago


It's always said that life isn't a bed of roses.

And yes, that is very true.

Whatever you are passing true today is making you stronger and preparing you for the greater life ahead.

The course you are registering for.

The sleepless night seems endless.

The insults and embarrassment you receive daily just because you have made up your mind to follow through.

Your constant determination and commitment seem abnormal to others.

All these are parts of the story you will share someday.

I have listened to a boy who did follow his mum to sweep and clean other people's houses, but now, he's better, greater, fulfilled and have a positive story to share.

His story is better now!

The preparation isn't going to kill you. It's only preparing you for a better place and giving you a better platform to share your unique story.

Keep working, it may seem fair, but it's closer than you thought.

Also, keep sharpening your axe and keep working on yourself!


Undoubtedly, all humans are created uniquely and there is greatness deposited in everyone.

Everyone is specially created which make him different from others.

In this present time when the world keeps evolving, you do have what you can offer.

If you check deeply, you will realize you are not only created but uniquely created and endowed.

Do not authorize anyone to speak you down.

Do not reckon you have anything to partake.

The associate you belong to needs your contribution.

The church you attend needs your contribution.

The school you attend need your contribution.

The world itself needs your contribution.

Never hoard your contribution.

It will surely get better!


There is some time that we take something that ought to contribute immensely to our success with levity and this has hampered our success and productivity.

No matter how many minutes it may seem,  there is a need to always pay close attention.

Success doesn't come massively at once, it comes after the small steps taken consistently. In order word, it is a product of those small efforts put in place.

Every hour spent on that project will soon be visible.

Start paying attention to the things that will contribute to your life, no matter how small they might be.


The only chance you have to be better is today.

Undoubtedly, you can't undo what you've done in the past (yesterday) but you can improve the quality of life you want to live tomorrow (future). 

Yesterday's gone, the future is yet to come and it will be as beautiful/flourishing as you planned if you put in the right amount of work.

This is the present moment to take charge of your life responsibly.

The aim is to be better than who you were yesterday.

The connection between the past and the future is today. A well planned today will yield immense benefits for the future.

Today is the place of work for a better tomorrow.

Take up the pieces and forge ahead!

Today comes with great opportunities you need to leverage to make your future beautiful and fulfilled.

Do not dwell in yesterday's predicament, it will only hamper your growth and productivity.

Make today great! 

Do not affect it with indecision and procrastination.

Today adequately dwelled will compel you a hero tomorrow.


For a school to function effectively, there is a need for both the teaching and non-teaching staffs to be present.

For a hospital to serve its purpose, the doctors and nurses need to be present.

In a court, the presence of both the lawyers and the judges are of great importance for any case.

In a training shop, the presence of a boss is required to train his apprentices.

There are many places in which the presence of people are pertinent to make things happen. 

How do you feel with the absence of those people where they are needed?

In the same vein, your presence on earth delineates how imperative you are needed, so your presence should not be as a spectator nor an audience.

You are meant to be a contributor who proffers solutions to some of the problems on earth and significantly affect the world positively.

If you can't proffer solutions to some of the problems, then your presence on earth does count.

Your aim should be living a purposeful life and this will only happen when your presence is counting for something good. 

Your presence is required, so take a good course, stand by it and fight for it.

Much love from this end!

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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