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The drizzling of mind

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1 month ago

The drizzling of mind

During the rain, we observe it falls in the shape of drizzling and some minds like it due to its slowness and voiceless and makes them romantic and they forget every problem and enjoy this eternal romance. This drizzling gives a type of music when it touches the body and injects its dose of purity in one's body and the mind feels it.

We can see this function of slow-motion rain in human matters when we are sensitive and caring, we see such angles which are not less than this drizzling and slow and steady dose perceives in body and mind, and it completely overcomes. This is the feeling of other's problem and your mind and heart think it as something is going into the body and the same pain the receiver feels, the observer also feels.

This feeling purifies the heart and all trash and dirt of heart and mind is removed and a man feels light himself and enjoys this situation and this pleasure he gets can never get by toxic mood and any other thing which gets drowsy the mind and body.

The result of rejection

In the beginning, the spirit and passion to face the consequences are worth looking and sometimes this warmness instigates others to whom he shares information, this scenario gives him a romantic look in his around and he feels that everything is supporting him in this mission impossible.  He is happy and feels proud of his confidence because he has got results through his buttering and smokescreen.

On the last day, he is exposed as a failed man before his mistress and at that time he has no place to hide and save this shity result which he could not expect because he never tasted the word rejection and then in reality he heard the word and his so-called followers make him fun.

After the second day of rejection he does not attend any call and meet anyone personally, he spends an isolated life to forget this failure but this is being increased day by day. His overconfidence and gentleness to make fool others is the real cause of his rejection.

He dislikes everything and once he negates his existence because he never thought as. But dear it is called life and it has so many zigzags and to understand the impossible, be brave and accept it and start a new day to ignore the faults which every person has.

Abstract feelings

After a long pause I visited a garden to know the state of its inhabitants, it is my routine to visit this place but this time I was late and homesick also but their state was the same as me, flowers welcomed and told me problems which they faced in absence of me, after the slight talk I asked the time they spent without me, they had a lot of grievances which I want to share you.

People use us to greet or on time of victory and the receiver says thank you and puts us aside and gets busy in worldly affairs when there is a problem in mind and sleep has gone to sleep then such persons embrace us and inhale our smell and find in us the smell of their beloved, this attitude we dislike, it means they search their lost beloved in our fragrance which is not fair, they must love us like they love their beloved.

Your grievances are right but you are not human beings, you have no emotions and reactions which others hear or feel, it is your fate so you must bear it with a heavy heart.

It is nature of man he devalues someone very soon after spending few time and expresses boredom, therefore, don't worry his treatment with you is inhumane, he does the same treatment with his fellow being and suicide is one of its examples, you must keep it in your mind.

Conflict in mind:

When I see round such faces are at the helm who is not capable to run any office of life but it is my assessment I may be wrong because they are given or other words they are gifted by God and I think maybe they have done such act in its return they are gifted or they are weighing the burden of others, but I could not conclude this uneven division of money and empowerment, my all abilities and sixth sense seem a laughing stock in astonishment doing nothing in this regard and entirely senseless to comprehend it.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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