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The Amphibian Man

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1 month ago
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Book Review

'The Amphibian Man'

by Alexander Belayev

Genre: Science Fiction, Adventure.

Dear group members,

Take my heartiest Love. Last week I posted a review about a historical novel named '40 Rules of Love by Elif Shafak. Although my writing was not so good, I was very glad & happy to see many of you liked it. Many of you sent me congratulations and commendations through messenger, which I think I don't deserve that much. Many have asked for more book reviews.

I already had plans to give more book reviews. With your encouragement, my joy in this work has increased tremendously. Let me tell you, I am not a book critic but an ordinary reader, come here to share my repercussions about the books I read. I hope you'll excuse my fumbles with your kind heart. And I'll be so happy if any sorts of mistakes in writing will be corrected by you.

Today I'm here to fraction with you something unique. As I see, nobody ever consults here about any science fiction (or maybe I missed). In the beginning, Science fiction was not considered as a part of literature by many literary experts. But later on, things have changed. Science fiction considered not only just a part of Literacy but also achieved a special place in literature as well as readers heart. Today I'm not here for endorsing whether it is a part of Literacy or not. I'm just a simple reader, come here to express my feelings.

As a child, The great writer Alexander Belayev thought that if people could fly like birds! He jumped from the ceiling to fly like a bird. Outcomes - Broken spine and orthopaedic diseases.

The Amphibian Man is the result of those sorts of experimental thought.

Generally, science fiction means, we understand - spacecraft, some humanoid aliens and technological development. But Belayev did not comply with any of these conditions. He has changed the definition of traditional science fiction. He created a man of strange qualities. An Amphibian Man. He believed, humans could wander on both land and water before evolution came to its present form. He created amphibian human beings from his scientific thinking.


A weird sea beast occurred in Rio de la Plata bay, which created weird tones at night and chopped through fumbling decoys. Lately, a devoted gem trader became desperate to catch that creature, so that he could collect a lot of pearls from the bottom of the sea.

So, what next? You better reveal yourself.

I think I don't wanna spoil the story.


'The Amphibian Man' is written about a hundred years ago. One can point out that, this is not a novel written nowadays. This should not be compared to the books of today's authors. The beginning is very important. If you do not pay close attention in the beginning, it may hard to understand clearly who is that amphibian man, how does he look like, what is his characteristics.

But once you get into the story, this book will swallow you up. Such a great thought by some author from one hundred years ago is truly unprecedented. For those, who don't like reading science fiction, I can guarantee, they'll also gonna love 'The Amphibian Man'.

This book will tell you, science fiction is not only mean spacecraft and astronauts or aliens etc. Science fiction can also be understood by embracing emotion, love, passion. You'll understand by reading this book. This book will make you lost in a strangely beautiful world.

As the story goes to the end, the interests will continue to grow. It will lead you to anxiety, feels like it may be all over now!! You'll be happy, you'll be sad, you'll fall in love, you'll see unseen, know unknown.

However, after completing the book, it will be very relaxing. You'll find complete contentment. For any reader, this book might be one of the best science fiction.

So, why late!! Collect it and start reading. When you'll finish reading, let us know your feelings.

If you finished it before, leave a comment about this book.

Finally thank you all and grateful to them who appreciated my work and encouraged me to move forward.

One more thing. Lockdown doesn't matter as long as we have books near our hand. It can never make us bore.

Happy Reading!!

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Written by   18
1 month ago
Topics: Strategy, Facts
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