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The Absurdity of Isolation

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They say, glass is formed by melting sand, that goes through a fascinating process of chemical transformation. The sand used to make glass is comprised of almost invisible grains of quartz crystals, that is formed using tiny molecules of silicon dioxide, which is also known as silica. They say, when these exiguous grains of silicon molecules are heated at a high temperature, the sand melts and loses its crystalline structure. Once it starts cooling itself, a magical transformation takes place as it stands at an in-between state of solid and liquid. Fascinating! Now, what state is that? Nevertheless, it finally metamorphoses itself into a transparent sheet of frozen crystal water - that's glass, where you can then mould it into various shapes, even a tiny aquarium bowl......

What if this glass is re-heated? Can it become sand, once again? Why not? If sand is used to make glass... glass can be used to make sand. They say the sand used to make glass is found by the sea beach - that white powdered stretch of land. Imagine glass walls crumbling into silky white grains of sand! I wonder if those grains of crystal molecules turn into a sort of glistening magic powder and leads to the sea beach. And I'll go along this magical trail - just as the path of little white pebbles led Hansel and Gretal HOME.

And what lies beyond this beach? A never-ending stretch of water... blue water... the rippling waves shimmering in the evening glow as the western sun spreads its purple arms... before it dips into the horizon...

And at night, they say the entire universe falls upon the sea... with its galaxy of stars forming constellations on the indigo surface of the water. Ah! I forgot... they say, all the fish, the whales, the dolphins, the catfish, the goldfish and even the sea horses watch that rare occasion of the greatest white star exploding into a dazzling, effulgent supernova.. its melange of luminous hues reflecting in their jovial eyes. How beautiful might that be!!

How different might that be than just moving up, moving down and moving around?

Ohhh ok don't panic yourselves now and crash your expensive, mind-soothing aquarium bowls on the wall...

Because it's rare. It's very rare... for the probability of Einstein to become a Fish...!!!

Trust Deficit:

At the first meeting, both parties claimed striking background to impress each other, both were successful to conceal their true originality and enjoyed this new status with relish and felt proud being a part of the new world

but a bad day came with a flood of chaos when both were open before each other like broken glass, no special secret remained.

Both had the same problem which compelled them to conceal it, was the poor family background, made one day victim of each other; they could not face, use no word to explain why this nonsense, what benefit they gained to use it, only to attract and make partner, but for it, they had blackened their faces for good.

Their friendship further could not carry on, so they turned their faces aside and chose the opposite directions. Because they had spread their trash around, no one showed courage to patch up, every one felt it is better to be silent and keep their distance.

Pain of love

The teacher called him and asked why he was not mentally present in the classroom, have you any problem? Tell me, provided, I may plan some solution of your problem, he said politely, love, a horrible thing, don't say it again, it is a very dangerous disease, once I was at your age when this disease caught me badly and made me abnormal, since then I have been away from this illness, so I advise you keep it away from your mind.

Sir, her pic revolves before my eyes all the time, I can not live without her. What she knows about your madness, no, why, she loves someone else, and her state as same as I am here, and my friend asked her, tell him about your situation, she said with anger that he also has fallen in love someone else.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
Topics: Strategy, Ideas, Facts
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