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Self Disciplined

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2 months ago

Be Transparent and be Self Disciplined

You gain a lot of supporters if they can see through you and feel the impact of your actions in their lives. They need someone whose words matches with his or her action in a consistent manner. The moment you can guarantee them these, you will be judged as a leader with characteristics of being transparent and self-discipline.

Being transparent simply means you straightforward and predictable and being self-discipline implies that you do the right thing without being forced to.

Transparency and self-discipline are some of the instrument that a leader can use to boost their confidence.

A transparent leader and self-discipline:

* will spend fewer resources to acquire more.

* will never be judge erroneously.

* will be trusted with a sensitive post.

* will ever be the vocalist of the nation.

* will be given more projects to execute and having the full supports of members of the team or community.

Imagine you, a leader having all these supports and recommendations unconditionally, your confidence is sure to increase and remain potent.

The defeated Soul:

The complaining soul, speaks and arguably seeks love within the body, but the body wants pleasure and ignores everything the soul commands. The body is entirely responsible for every wrongdoing and unfair commitment. Every one of us has witnessed that sometimes, we see scary dreams and suddenly wake up and drink water, and then think over that scary dreams, but unable to understand the consequences. Perhaps, that's the souls that scare and show us the righteous path, but alas! we choose what the bodies want. Almost, everyone's love is one-sided or being left alone by flirty lovers, that'll happen for the body's greed.

True love is souls love, the love that makes soul mates and bound two souls to live together for the rest of life. Alas! The souls love is erased from the existing world, these days. The love becomes body's attractions only, lovers meet and dates then sleep together for a night, the next day unnecessarily, arguments take place, the obscenity ends up/breaks up. Consequently, if such bodies attractively want to meet again, they patch up again and start the same flirt on each other.

The souls are fed up with such fake love stories. Ask your souls, before involving in such fake love. Life doesn't mean to spend it blindly and unnecessarily or cheat on each other. It's the most beautiful, and the people make it awesomely attractive. Respect all your relationships, give them love, spread amongst them love, and make love/life a soul mate.


Does this word scare or inspire you?

An occupancy thing is discerned from a deceased thing by the diversity of the modifications at any juncture seizing position in it.

Change is an indication of being, it is unthinkable to accumulate without change. The fact is being been always in a swivelling sense.

What's that change you want to affect in your life?

Be intentional about it and put in lots of energy to sustain it till it becomes your lifestyle.

You must understand that change is the greatest ally. The person who never changes his or her opinion never corrects his or her mistakes.

You cannot become what you are destined to be but he remaining what you are. Do not fear change; It is the unchangeable law of increase.

Don't be a person whose mind is always open to new idea, provided they are the same old ones.

Those who can not remake their sense cannot remake anything.

Act of faith

Act of faith is doing something that shows you have hope for a positive outcome.

You are not a winner and until you believe and act like it, you will remain down.

One will never experience any form of the supernatural until there is a vivacious act of faith.

Let me share a short story. A very rich lady has been barren many years. They tried all sort of medical result to no avail.

One day she woke up decided to put her faith to work, she called in interior decor to design one of the rooms as a baby room. Two years later, she delivered delivery to twins.

An act of faith is obedience to the word, which releases grace and power. Until you engage in it you will never know and never grow.

An act of faith is acting as though you have it already.

You need to birth it... A pregnant woman doesn't just hope for her baby to come, she prepares for him/her, she buys clothes, prepares a room for the baby...

An act of faith is a silent voice from our heart to God's ears.

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Written by   21
2 months ago
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