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Secret to Mastering Any Art

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1 month ago

Secret To Mastering Any Art

How do you feel when you come across experts in your field? I mean those who practice what you are doing without stress. They feel comfortable doing it and you ask God; when will I attain this height?

You might have concluded that they are masters because they have enrolled in many classes, hence, certifications have made them experts. Oh! Come off it. You don't have to feel bad anymore. I've discovered the secret to mastery and I will tell you.

The secret to mastering any art is constant practice. Yes! You read it right. You see, paying for classes and reading books will only provide you with information, only by practising what you've learnt will you become a master.

Simple as the art of practising seem, a lot of people are still where they are because they don't acknowledge it. This could be attested to fear of been laughed at, called an amateur or even corrected. Hence, they are waiting for the certificate to present them as experts. Practice makes perfect!

Let's see it this way. Can you recall your first cooking experience?

That day you prepared salty food; dad spat it out and mum only managed some spoons. Your siblings laughed at you, right? The other time you added a little salt, but still, there was the complaint.

Another time, you asked mum to give you a specific quantity to be added. You remember how you depended on cookery books, just to be better.

After many attempts and mockery, today, you can call yourself a chef. Not because you have a certificate in cooking but practice made you a cook. Did you get the logic?

That's precisely how it gets on! You don't have to be authorized before you commence. Start now and grow into an expert. Keep practising, let people correct you, let them assess you!

That rubbish as you call it will someday be applauded. Just keep practising.

Are You Ready For The Outcome?

It's no longer news that there's a reward for every action and inaction. But, why are you taken aback when it comes? Do you believe you are not worth it?

I have observed awardees and one thing I notice is the calmness and preparedness with which they mount the podium, receive their awards and give a speech. In my sense, I am identical, "is it that these are utilized to achievement or are they concealing their surprise"?

The answer is this. They saw it coming, their minds received the awards long before their hands. They understood that the universe rewards hard work, and that prepared them.

A lot of people are afraid of what their actions will birth. It's the truth! This could be as a result of their mindset or unbelief.

Let's get this right, the moment you started living intentionally, you booked an appointment with great results.

Likewise, the day you started neglecting worthwhile engagements, you engaged in the wrong results.

One thing about results is that it doesn't disappoint. Whatever you cultivate, you will obtain in numerous furrows.

You have a lot to do if you want the narrative to change. Start taking actions that will birth results you won't be afraid of. Begin to engage in what will lift you. Work on your mind. Do whatever you find yourself doing well.

Hey! You haven't been getting results, right? Calm down, the time of dispensation will come. You'll be called up to take your reward and as a star, you would do so bravely and with smiles.

Let each step you take direct your actions towards productivity and increase. Be ready for the outcome!

Are you ready for the consequence of your litigations? Give your answers in the comments section. Don't hesitate to share.

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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