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Problem of mind

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1 month ago

Problem of mind    

The web of posts and words of wisdom on social media make people a different creature who thinks only of himself and wants to watch himself when he uploads any pic or post.

His major problem is his likes or comments which he is waiting for madly, never thinks that any person after reading the post tried to make correct himself etc. As per the ratio of these things his blood pressure or scale of pleasure fluctuates, why? Self-praise or self-centred thinking further has made the socially isolated, isolated from the thinking of care of others, he thinks himself than others.

We can use these things to solve our complex issues. Very good minds are working on this platform and their works are full of wisdom and a way of the good life without worries, but we are habitual to make themselves in trouble all the time or we are caused of a problem for others, never think to draw the ways which may be helpful for the masses.

Separation of mind:          

You live together and your single act does not match with your better half, but you serve life and think it will be spent as you did not try to change it and compromised the whole mess, your thinking varies, your behaviours vary but you live together and this contrast may you give something in the shape of sleeping pills but one thing is clear both are supporters of stress and anxiety, one day you give her, the other day she gives you, as it your time is passed.

War of mind:

Before the mirror, she said herself, everyone will praise and look at me with wide-open eyes, this day will never repeat in my life again, I will make it a memorable day. With a dreamy mind, she reached the party, the party was in full swing, everyone was busy in his business, she attracted others and felt herself a princess, but a person who was the epicentre of the party, did not pay any heed to her, focusing his interest in other matters, so she was desperate and her mind abusing her on this dry response, why he is away from me, I am the heart of this party, no one is so beautiful like me, why this proud man keeps himself away from me.

This situation was getting damage her personality being a princess, the party was ended, her mode was not good with everyone, on the way, she was so rude with her friends, and at home, her behaviour got more irritating and unbearable. Why he kept a distance from me and what he wanted to show me by this unwelcome approach on this beautiful occasion, I do not care it, why I think about him, I am cute and attractive, everybody wants to have coffee and chat with me, why this soulless person is away from me, I am the princess of others' heart.

She showed her anger, but her anger was not finished yet. Her happiness turned into sadness and her dream that all would adore her like a deity had been finished. She did not tolerate it and a war of harsh words was running in her mind, I can not face defeat, he has no sense of how to deal with beautiful persons, he is nonsense, does not know about the fragrance of flower and its delicacy, he has no right to come in such party if he has no manners how to behave with unique persons like me.

Time is running:

You all always think about your life, future and achievements, all these things are required time, a time of sweat with a severe headache which may not even get you lying on the bed, and make you active for the next day, but if you draw a birds-eye view on this aspect you will come to know, we did nothing to chase our dream, we only plan and serve time to meditate but did not serve a single minute towards it, why, have you any magic stick which you will move and your wish will be fulfilled; impossible, you must get up and do something to get matured your unfinished agenda of life and your agenda should be to get your success through your untiring effort towards it.

Result of insanity:

Your wisdom gives you nothing if the norms of society where you reside, filled with insanity and to do anything people use the policy of betrayal with proudly claiming nothing is fix here, your work should be solved, then your wisdom you feel it a great treasure, is proved to be a blunder and an easy task will make you abnormal, and with time, you will set an example of a new version of abnormality in a society where you will divert people from the use of sanity.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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