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Love Images & Senses ~ Family

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1 month ago

Love---- images & senses: 

Mother carries her baby and thinks he is the lifeline of her life. Before marriage, she loved a young man and her heartbeat with his name and other people said, "They love each other". She openly claimed it. Now she is the mother of one beautiful baby. She says she loves her baby. Her baby is little and cannot speak except smile and cry. When her husband comes at night, his face shows fatigue and sadness due to the mess of traffic and the burden of the family. Both take dinner. She looks at his face, there is no brightness in his eyes, and in past, she beautified his eyes when he asked her liking... she bluntly said," your eyes are beautiful and I have sacrificed on them". When her husband stares at her during taking tea which their usual routine after dinner, he recollects something when he praised her beauty and her diction of speaking with a smiling face, and there was a freshness on her face. Now all these things have faded away. They do not discuss beauty, they do not discuss spring, flowers and night of winter when there is fog. They only discuss the matter of their baby, his clothes, feed and sleep. Their baby laughs they laugh, he cries they become sad. Both live in present and have forgotten their beautiful past when there were happiness, love and a rainbow all around.

Next month----images and senses:

     She collected things from her husband which he brought from the grocery shop. He told her about the total expenditure for this month and advised her to use the rest of the money with great care. Last night when she went to sleep she thought, this month she would buy a new dress. But his husband told her the reality, so she could not express her dream.

     She was silent and then went to make tea. The facial expressions of both were positive and she was doing every work with a smile.

    After twenty days, the behaviour of both with each other and the rest of the family was getting harsh because she realized how much money was left. He always said, "decrease the expenses". First, she decreased the demand for milk, then every Friday she cooked chicken, now she avoided it this Friday and cooked some other thing. Like it, she reached close to the month.

     Their children stopped demanding money because their mother said to them, " next month". If they asked to eat something, they heard the same words.

     Two days were very crucial for them. Last night, her husband told her about the coming of guests. She annoyed and said to him, he must have used any excuse to stop them. He replied they were coming after two years, so he could not deny it. " don't worry I will arrange". He borrowed money from someone and served on the arrangements.

     Their children were astonished at this big party because their no demand was fulfilled. After the guests going elder daughter raised this point and both satisfied her saying that they were guests. " when we go to other homes as visitors, they also organize distinguished for us, these are our traditions, we have to do it. Don't worry next month I would fulfil you all demands". Hearing it, the little child with a sweet voice said," papa, I would eat a burger with a cold drink". Father smiled and patted him with love.

The family bond is so amazing. We love, fight, fun and that's the part of life. But remember one thing that no matter what the situation is just believe each other and don't break trust. And compromise each other. That's life.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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