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If I tell you where the money is, will you go for it?

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As a fresh graduate, I was doing a whole lot of things just to endure because I so much hate asking for economic help. So, anything that will bring money, you must see Amna there.

My interest was in making fast money(sharp money). But it taught me a lot.

In my pursuit for monetary liberation, I attempted memorizing various non-digital abilities but it didn't stint. But thank God for technology and soft abilities.

I commenced my mission in the digital world. I comprehended various techniques and one of them was "Cryptocurrency". I know some of you will be like, "this girl, must you do everything?" My answer is capital "YES".

Not in this era, you should realize slight of all things.

Behind my tale, after taking out time to comprehend Crypto trading, I was alarmed at how simple and easy it is, yet a lot of fresh people are busy looking for what to do. Our only trouble is laziness and uncertainty.

Now that our precious Country has placed crypto, how do I go to go about it?  Well, thank God there is always a way out.

When your psyche is regulating within your atmosphere, you will never discern beyond it. The strategy in your environment should not impede your growth.

As a digital talent coach, my job is to jeopardize you to numerous digital chances that you can examine from.

Currently that I have exhibited to you where the wealth is, are you willing to perform something about it?


My companions were like, "Amna are you clear you're okay?" The other confessed I should adequately clasp the entreaty with both hands.

Well, I know if it is other corper's that got the offer they won't mind changing their PPA just to grab the vacancy.

But I announced NO. This is what occurs when you role yourself. Do you think there are no businesses out there? Well, the truth is there are more chances out there than you can comprehend.

You're only curbed to the ones you know of. You can only govern at the status of the knowledge that you have.

Take your personal growth seriously and be value-conscious.

Build yourself to the expanse of having different recourses available for you to select from.


Comprehending a high-income skill is the first step because your skill will position you well.

Be value-oriented. When your attention is on creating solutions to problems, it will attract opportunities. A lot of young graduates are so concerned about getting a high-paying job that they forget the most important thing, which is "Value".

Let me tell you what happens when you're desperately in need of a job: it will demoralize you. You would not be eligible to assume anything else.

I remember when I was looking for a job after graduation in 2019, I was desperately looking for a job. I was broke and that made me anxious and nervous. It was depressing. I was looking for money to the extent that I was scammed several times.

But the moment I stopped thinking about getting a job and making money, I  started thinking of the value to create, everything changed.

I discovered that before I can give value, I must add value to myself. That was how my personal development journey began. Today, I am happy.

You too can start from somewhere. It might not be easy at the beginning but trust me, it will pay off.

If someone stumbled on your website handle, maybe the person saw your beautiful name and picture, what will they see? A lot of young people are looking for job opportunities and they neglect the need to position themselves for it to come.

I started talking about positioning for a long time on my WhatsApp status. So, a few days ago someone reached out to me and said she has been posting out content on her handle and yet no opportunity has come through her content.

So she wanted to know if there is something she is not doing well. I told her I was going to go through her content of which I did. After going through it, I pointed out few things of which I want to share so that others can learn.

Positioning yourself is not all about writing a motivational write-up, it is not about posting encouraging words. A lot of people post motivational words and think they are positioning themselves. Everyone can motivate.

If you want to position yourself, you must be intentional about it.

Ask your self these questions

Can your content solve people's problems?

Can your content make people see you as an expert in what you do?

Can your content make people come knocking so that they can know more?

Can your content make people want to know more?

If you can answer those questions then you will know if you are positioning yourself or not.

Your content should be valuable!!.

Your content should bring up-sell for you!!.

If you're a newbie, be sure of the problem you want to solve, then create content around it.

Hope you got value? You're free to share so that others can learn.

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Written by   21
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