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How to win an argument without creating an enemy

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1 month ago


A couple of days ago, I was there seated in an interactive class where issues bordering on the appraisal of moral values were being discussed.

The lecturer was a master communicator. He knows the nitty-gritty of what he was talking about, so that makes his teaching even more instructive, practical and very penetrating too!

He drew our attention to the best possible ways we can easily win an argument constructively and technically. This he said, however, was to enable us to maintain peace and to foster a friendly environment anywhere we find ourselves.

Now, if you have a friend who seems to argue a lot even when they seem to be wrong somehow. This is what this lecturer advises you to do:

1. Be patient with the fellow: By being patient, simply means you're open to what the fellow has to say. In other words, you're trying to make him or her feel important and respected.

2. Listen to the fellow: maintain eye contact as you listen to the fellow. Embark to observe things from his or her viewpoint.

3. Ask the fellow factual questions: This is the area where you have to prove your case wisely. Your questions should be based on relevant facts in connection to what the fellow has said before.

4. Seek a redress or an address with the fellow: if the fellow has credible fact, then seek redress and make it a win-win situation. But if he or she doesn't, then address the issue using the fact you have at your disposal. But do this politely and respectfully too!

I believe if we can adopt these simple principles, then we shouldn't have problems creating more enemies instead of friends!


Last week while I was selling ice block, I sold one block at the rate of #80.

It later remains two and they started pricing it anyhow because it has started dissolving.

The worst price was #50, argh!! from #80 to 50, that price is too low, I continued hawking from room to room, it got to a point I started blaming myself why can't I sell it #50-#50 because I was exhausted.

As I entered the next room, she asked how much? I told her #70, without negotiating she bought the two.

As I was going back to my room, I was contemplating the difference between the girl that wanted to buy it #50 and the one that bought it #70.

VALUE and NEEDS! yes, value and needs.

The first girl doesn't know the value of the ice block and she doesn't need, it she just wants it.

The other girl knows the value and needs it, that was the reason why she bought it without negotiating it.

This thing used to happen to most of the people, once the market is not moving the way it supposes to and they got tired.

And the next thing they think is to reduce the price.

Do you know what will happen when you reduce your price?

1. You have reduced the value of that goods/products.

2. Your customers will start doubting you may be your goods/products are not quality.

3. You will not get your gain even to get your capital might be difficult.

4. Classy customers might stop patronizing you, they will say your goods/ products are too cheap for their level.

5. Your business will not boom on time.

I know it can frustrate you when your goods/products are not moving the way you expect them but reducing the price is not the best option, watch out for what you can do in my next post.

And have this in your mind, your goods/products are not for everybody but for those that know the value and need it.


When you are encountering hard times, know that challenges are not meant to demolish you, they are to stimulate you, growth and bolster you.

The frivolity of tremendous importance ever comes without battle and difficulty.

Don't allow the potholes on the road to accomplishment to stop or delay you from attaining your purposes.

Undergo the method! don't stop seeking the nicest, always perpetrate your paths to the Lord and He will see you through.

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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