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How to monetize your skills

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9 months ago


Nothing is as painful as skills without money, it's like the old little song we sang in kindergarten... "Some have food but cannot eat.. glory be to God amen"

One of the greatest questions I have encountered is, "Danny, how in the world will I Monetize my skills?"

Back in the days, during my early career, I couldn't answer that, but after these 8 years of experience both as an employee and running my own online and offline business... I discovered a model that can help anyone to start making money with their skills!

It's broken into 3 basic but powerful steps,

It's the V.A.D Algorithm to monetization, here it is:

1. VOLUNTEER: This key is so short but it's very difficult for most people.

I would never have known I could create a good website back in 2013 until I volunteered, I would never have dreamt of even showing people how to make money online today, if not for some kinds of stuff I volunteered for.

If you bake real good... Join a group of people who are already making money! LEARN TO SEE FROM THE INSIDE!

Volunteers are dangerous people because they soon discover that "whatever you can do for free, you can also do for a fee" ~CEO

Some people landed good jobs after volunteering, that could be you, but volunteer at the right place and do it intentionally.

2. ACQUIRE: This is not about acquiring skills, I talked about skill acquisition in my previous post on HOW TO ACQUIRE A SKILL, go find it on my timeline.

This key is about acquiring the core money-making skills needed to sell your products or services in the niche you've chosen.

Focus the next 30days on mastering the income skills for your skills.

Let's say you're an author, and you're stuck with business ideas... What do you do?

Learn how to create courses around your chosen topics and sell them using digital marketing skills. You can't get ahead in the digital economy without the digital skills that rake in money for others in your niche. This is what I teach online Entrepreneurs!

Master the art of making an offer to your audience, particularly an offer they can't resist... I noticed people buy the offer even before they buy the goods and services.

3. DEPLOY: Nothing will replace getting things done, but the skills to work and have a good price to it. JUST TAKE ACTION EVEN WHEN YOU ARE SCARED.

Learn negotiation skills, and never blink on the table as you make the offer! THE FIRST TO BLINK, LOSES THE SALE.

Make sure you have built track records from volunteering or doing something to strengthen your muscles.

The professional world demands stamina, so deploy both experience and expertise beyond your audience expectation.

Dishonour is easy, but it will make your life very difficult.

Whether a fast learner or a slow learner, the most important virtue is the willingness to learn, practice makes perfect!

Learn to honour people who have results you don't have.

I may not be an expert in the science of emotional intelligence, but I understand the secret weapon of unhindered success, it is hidden in one word - HONOR.

I have tasted both websites.

I know the frustration of living in dishonour and I know the cheap route to victory called HONOR.

I have done some things that I thought would take years in few minutes because of this great asset.

Let me ask you, does anyone hate to be loved and appreciated? Even witches want to be loved.

Honour is a seed, dishonour is a seed, and for every seed sown in TIME, there's a compensation called Harvest.

The harvest is no respecter of persons, whether you're a believer or unbeliever, you will believe someday.

To honour means to discern and reward people for their difference. That's how the gatekeepers allow you to pass. It's a cheap route to victory, but dishonour weighs tons and makes you pay an expensive price for overload.

Honour God

Honour your parents

Honour your siblings

Honour men of God

Honour your mentors

Honour Leaders

Honour Entrepreneurs

Honour Elders

Honour colleagues

Honour even your mentees (they're your forerunners)

Honour anyone who has your future as his past!

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Written by   24
9 months ago
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