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How to achieve your goals faster

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1 month ago

This Will Help You Achieve Your Goals Faster

When using a searchlight, you'll discover that the wider the coverage area of that searchlight, the lower the intensity of the light. Whereas the smaller the coverage area of that searchlight, the brighter will be its intensity.

Now, you might be wondering why that is so, but you will not marvel much if you are familiar with the  Law of Concentration that states that "most successes In life are accomplished by a single-minded focused concentration on doing just one thing or a few things extremely well.

Now, I hope you understand why a searchlight would function that way and I hope you have a better grasp of why people are still struggling to come to terms with you and your brand when you keep preaching different messages.

Now to another related matter;

If you want to get your desired results, you must ensure that the few things you focus on must be the things that matter to you and these things that matter most to you should never be at the mercy of the things that matter the least to you.

Here's a fact I want you to know;

The reason why most of us don't get our goals accomplished is simply that we spend most of our time doing second things first.

If you want to be productive and get results this year, I would urge you to follow the advice of former British Prime Minister William Gladstone who simply said,

"he is a wise man who does know waste his time and energy on pursuits and purposes, for which he is not fitted for. Wiser still is the man whom from amongst the things he is fitted for resolutely follows the best".

There is the noble art of getting things done but there is even the more noble art of leaving things undone but the wisdom of this life consists in eliminating the non-essentials.

What are the non-essentials of your life? What are those things that keep taking the place and time that the more important items on your agenda should be taking?

Get them out and let your focus be on the things that matter most to you this year and you will be shocked at the amount of result, growth and productivity you will experience if you consistently focus on those key areas.


Dear Self! Why? Why? because it is paining me the way you are looking down on yourself.

I don't like the way you are overrating others and underrating yourself, the only person you need to overrate is God and respect elders.

Why did you build an idol in your mind that some people are better than you, you believe you can't do what others are doing or you can't achieve what others are achieving. You need to uproot that idol now and burn it.

Why do you choose to turn yourself into a dust bin where anybody can just come and dump anything they like in it.

Why are you always afraid to defend yourself in front of those looking down on you, oh! I get it, you think they would criticize you, they would say you have bad habits.

Why are you always afraid of what people would say, let me tell you human beings will always be human beings and they would always talk whether you do good or bad.

This is entirely your life not others and you only live once, live your life to please God and yourself.

" You will be the only one to give an account of how you live your life not others"

And have it in mind, there is no limit to what you can do or achieve, whatever you can dream you can achieve it.

Hope you got value and do you agree with the power of focus? Kindly share your thoughts and I'll be waiting to respond.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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