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How do you achieve your Dream as WRITERS?

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1. By reading books

               This doesn't directly impact your success as a writer but it does help you along your journey as a writer.

2. Never minding the reactions to your posts on social media.

They hardly indicate success or otherwise failure. Neither do they give any concise feedback that will help one grow?

3. Involving your mentors and godfathers (if you have any) in your writing journey.

Get mentors, who would guide you up the ladder of success. Preferably also a writer, one who understand the 'ways of the words' and as attained a level of success themselves.

4. Devoting your time to spiritual exercises. (or not!)

Meditating, studying the Bible, yoga, time-outs etc. (really anything that gets you in a state of calm) for more inspiration, cogitation and wisdom.

How random rumination/musing and other spectral activities help one as a writer cannot be understood until one tries it.

5. Avoid mixing with people of bad influence on your creative career.

 Make friends with people of similar values and ambitions. Let their drive move you to do more for yourself and the world as a writer.

6. Develop yourself more as a writer.

Attend seminars, online/offline workshops. Anything to improve your abilities as a writer.

Sometimes writing alone might not be good, do not settle at whatever stage you are as a writer. Understand that there is a greater height still.

'Or do you have the Nobel yet?'

7. Read more than you write.

This is just an attempt to over-emphasize the value of reading to writers.

Reading opens a person up to newer and better-refined methods of handling situations and living.

Maybe this is why few writers claim they can 'live on reading alone!'.

8. Accept corrections in good faith.

You don’t know it all; nobody does. Do not underrate your corrector’s knowledge. Sometimes, it is creatives themselves who hinder their growth by refusing to take to the critiques of other writers/readers.

9. Remain focused, and continue pursuing your dreams.

Writing is tough it needs forbearance and process.

Dreams; even more.

10. Do not be scared to submit 'your manuscripts/writings.

Which of the following do you agree with 'the most'

What are your tips for accomplishing your dreams as a writer?

                           ...Do educate us...          


Yesterday, I planned to finish a particular work I set for the night but when I started the work, I found other things which made me deviate from the work I intended to do.

It was really interesting that later realized I had spent an hour on that alone.

Since I had limited time, I controlled myself and started my initial work.

There are times we might want to deviate from our goals due to some sweetening things which come from distraction.

The more you dig deep, the more the real work tarries and is affected.

The best thing to do is to finish with the work at hand before doing other things.

I'm sharing this to inform you that:

When you're not in the right place, you shouldn't be reluctant to take the exit.

When you're not in the right association, do not hesitate to leave their presence.

When you're in a relationship with no hope for the future, do not hesitate to leave.

The association, relationship and environment may seem to be more interesting but you shouldn't expend the time meant for other things on them.

Trust you got value?

To your purpose fulfilment.

Don't despise those who are winning today, rejoice with them. Your own time will surely arrive. It's turned by turn.

Don't give up because of the unimpressive results. You have every reason to be sad and quiet. However, don't forget that quitters never win and winners never quit.

Beans spend a lot of time on the fire, but they will surely cook. Continue hustling, God will crown your effort.

No, be only you!

Yes...You are not the only one in that shoe, a lot of people are also experiencing hardship.

The most constant thing in life is change, so don't worry your story would soon change from zero to hero.

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Written by   10
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