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Her Life

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1 month ago

When I was 13 years old, there was this woman in our neighbourhood then in which whenever I see her, all I always see in her eyes is pains and torments!

This is the ninth month she had moved into our neighbourhood with her newly wedded husband and starting from the day she's married to the man, it has been pains and sufferings over sufferings for her as her husband have zero value and respect for her.

Although she's in her late twenties and still looked so young and agile, she's nothing but a slave and a punching bag in her husband house as she will work tirelessly from morning till evening in the man's house and whenever her husband came back from work and discovers a slight mistake in her works, he will punch and beat her mercilessly with the special horsewhips he reserved for her!

Her freedom is also restricted as her husband had given her some strict and stern warnings never to visit anybody in the estate or any family and friends!

Tears always come to my eyes anytime I heard her screams for help in the night whenever her devil of a husband is physically and sexually abusing her! I always looked through the window of my room in my father's house whenever she's screaming as my heart will never be at rest and always longed for her.

You may be wondering and thinking why some other neighbours didn't go out in the night to rescue her whenever her husband is assaulting, you know, it's an estate and the rules guiding it is that " Whatever that may happen in some other's houses in the estate apart from your own is none of your Business!"

So this made it difficult for the other neighbours to come to her rescue and whenever I try to go out in the night to rescue her in my small way from her cruel husband, one look from my parents will just turn me back to my room as they always warned me that anything that may happen in the estate is none of my business!

I loved her so much as she always treated me with deep special affection of love like if I'm her blood! I made it imperative to always visits her whenever I arrived back from school and anytime I visited her like that, I always met her doing one thing or the other In the house in which I will join her and do some of the chores with her.

After that, she will then carry me on her laps and we will have a long chit chat discussion like mother and daughter!

My father had once asked her husband when he visited our house one afternoon why she always treated her wife like that and I was quite shocked at his response as I eavesdropped on their discussion!

"Mr David I acquainted her first she had a wedding with me that I don't nurture her and she is not my sort but she will not hear till she modified my parent's brain all in the name of "she's a good girl" and they coerced her on me! this is her two years of marriage with me and I will continually punish her till I destroyed life from her!"

He said with so much venom in his voice and my dad couldn't ask for more as he just shakes his head!

I visited the woman again after returning from school one afternoon as my habit and as expected, I met her washing some clothes with a huge pile of dirty clothes in front of her!

She looked so sad and depressed as she's washing the clothes but the moment she saw me approaching her, she flashed a beautiful smile at me but I know that the smile is not genuine as she's just trying to make me happy as usual!

"you're just too wise than your age Joshua, and that's why I loved you so much," she said as she stopped washing the clothes and gently pulled me to herself!

"You know Joshua, it's quite a long story and I'm bitterly regretting the steps I took then in forcing myself on Daniel," she said, now sniffing in tears!

Did you observe I adored Daniel but she has not any solitary emotions for me and I think that if I push him into a bond with me, he will develop the senses for me but the contrary is the case as he grew to hate me more and more and now, this is what my desperation has landed me into! I'm in pains right now Joshua, I swear I'm in severe pains!  Every single part of my body is now in hot severe pains!"

She said and burst into hot tears! I gently clean the tears off her face but they kept rushing out!

"What're you now going to do? I can't bear it hearing your painful screams every night and you can't continue suffering like this! Can't you just break his head also?"

I never understand that her last statement until two days later when her husband, Mr Daniel rushed to our home one evening and announced to my dad in happiness that his wife had finally run away!

I was so much devastated as the meaning of her last words now dawned on me and I know that I will surely miss her too!

After five days of her departure, her husband, Mr Daniel replaced her with a very pretty woman like that! she's so sophisticated and always dressed like a prostitute and walked like a fearless soldier whenever she came to my mum's shop in the estate to buy some provisions!

We were all having a family talk one night in our house when we suddenly heard Mr Daniel's scream renting the estate and shouting for help! At first, my dad had said nothing but when the scream became so incessant, my father quickly stood up and moved towards the door!

"And where do you assume you're going?" my mum inquired him but he just resisted her as he dashed out through the entrance! I quickly followed him and as we both arrived at Mr Daniel's house, we saw him screaming and crying seriously as one of his eyeballs is burst out with a very sharp knife held by his new wife as it's dripping with blood!

there's also a very deep cut on his chest and blood kept gushing out from his body and also from his burst eyes!

Other neighbours kept coming in and after they seized the woman and called the police, they then asked her what happened.

"Can you just believed that this idiot slapped me just because I didn't wash his dirty clothes or tidy the house?" she said referring to Mr Daniel " He even went as far as arousing his belt to beat me and I promptly uphold myself by fleeing a fork from the kitchen".

The police finally arrived and after they handcuffed and took the lady away, my father then took Mr Daniel to the hospital in his car.

Mr Daniel's new wife, the same lady that burst his eyes out was finally released after five days in the cell through the influence of her wealthy parents!

The incident was about 10 years ago and today, I'm so much happy and delighted to tell you guys that Mr Daniel is now a confirmed one-eyed man!

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Written by   17
1 month ago
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