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Greeting cards-wishes

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Greeting cards-wishes

The custom of exchanging wishes began a long time ago, back in the dark times, when many people were desperate, their guides were still pouring out golden promises, but an increasing number realized that these guides were leading them to destruction. People did not know what to do, they lost their usual desires because they knew that they would not be fulfilled.

But at some point, something changed. Gradually, letters began to appear in different places that were not related to each other. A person received a letter of wishes from an oncoming person, it could be a random stranger, it could be a relative who came from another territory, it could be anyone.

These wishes were connected with the social life of any level. This could be a desire to organize an additional school in your home locality if necessary, or it could also be a desire at the planetary level, such as bringing all important technologies that affect society to the public.

Thus, the full technological cycles of communication equipment production were made public at one time, and the operation of existing communication systems was adjusted so that they did not harm public life. In the field of Medicine, making all developments publicly available has made it possible to dramatically improve medical care in all countries of the world. Public developments in the energy sector have made it possible to provide each inhabitant of the Earth with the necessary energy to produce the necessary things.

There were no limits to the scale of desires. They could limit themselves only to the imagination of each individual, but this image was constantly stimulated by the challenges that life posed every time the sun rose.

The events described below relate to the times when this later Universal custom was just beginning.


The bus, roaring hard, climbed the Broken Road into the mountains. To the right, beyond the window, a vertical stone wall was visible, the roadbed broke off under the wheels themselves, and there, in the abyss below, the river rustled restlessly, flying in noisy splashes over the endless stones.

Exhaling heavily, the bus stopped. Motley tourists spilt out of it. With backpacks of large and small litres, in boys and mountain boots, in shorts and in specialized clothing for hiking in the mountains, with or without trekking poles. Everyone is different, but there was something that United them. "The love of living," said Ilko, a blonde who had just turned twenty-three. It was thinking about where to find people alive in these disoriented times that gave him the idea of mountains. You won't find any comfort lovers there.

After standing for a while, breathing in the fresh mountain air, the boy slung his backpack over his shoulders, looked around at the mountains locally drenched in the hot August sun, and slowly followed the others along the gravel road that ran away from the conditional main road and straight towards the sun through a deep valley surrounded on both sides by high wooded hills. A group of five men took the lead. One guy, heavier than Ilko, fell behind her and walked behind her, as he noted: “so he goes with an overnight stay, just like me.” But little by little Ilko fell behind them all. He had time to enjoy the road. He had two days to climb and descend. During this time, it was necessary to find at least one companion to whom he could convey a wish letter. For him, in turn, to supplement it with his own, pass it on to several more people. To do this, Ilka had to get to know this person at least a little, rest on at least a small percentage of the success of the business.

With these thoughts, the guy approached D., the last village, behind which the ascent began. Five was already sitting in the gazebo near the store, resting. There was also a guy walking separately. After eating a couple of buns and drinking a bottle of sweet water, Ilko continued on his way.

The path took a steep climb. I had to go slowly. The ground was rocky and uneven. Immediately, sweat poured down my temples. But after about half an hour, the body adapted. I made a stop at a mountain spring that was gushing directly from the mountain slope. I replenished my water reserves. Then he was overtaken by the guy who was walking by himself. ” This is good, which means that our pace is about the same, there will be a reason to start a conversation, " Ilko got up. But there were still numerous streams ahead of him, rocky paths through the forest, picturesque waterfalls, a steep climb up a clay slope before Ilko caught up with his companion, although he had not yet guessed that he was Ilko's companion. He was resting, dropping his backpack.

“What, stop?”  Ilko asked jokingly.

“Yeah..."o," he said wearily.

"Do you know if Mount S. will be behind this mountain?"

"No, that's what it is.

“Yeah? I have other information. But maybe you're right.”

The sun was setting. They walked the rest of the road together in the evening. It was getting cooler as they climbed. As it turned out, Ilya's new acquaintance, his name was Sasha, had already been to these places. And he knew where there was a convenient place to set up tents. Over dinner, Ilka just managed to tell Sasha about why he considers the spread of desires between people from hand to hand or word of mouth important not only at this moment but also at any time.

The next day, the two of them reached the summit that had once divided different states, but now there was no border and everyone could move freely in any direction. "Just as symbolically," thought our main character, " so this cause will contribute to the sphere that has been practically blocked until now — to the sphere of developing the personal social desires of each person and as a result — social relations will constantly develop in the interests of each Earthman, and not just a group of villains.”


So the world chain of desires was replenished for one more person.

And so it continued until there was not a single person on Earth who at least once in his life did not participate in the dissemination of desires. And what is important, and their own too. Each person in this way consciously formed a collective field of social desires, applying their own.

Over time, this movement has spread so much that it has become a custom in all corners of the world. And it was customary to exchange letters of public wishes at every new meeting of friends, families, and work colleagues. It has become as natural as wishing for good health and success.

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Written by   18
1 month ago
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