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Different ways to boost your confidence

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Different Ways To Boost Your Confidence As A Leader

Positive Thinking

There is a crime in which neither an arrest has been made nor anybody has been convicted for perpetrating in it.

You go in there,  commit it and go out freely without having a sense of remorse. Such a crime have limited people participating in it because it is difficult and demands a high level of concentration if the optimal result is your watchword.

Such a crime is called " Positive Thinking"

Leaders confidence are built not because of the number of battles won or the clouts or affiliation they belong to but by the strength of their everyday positive thinking.

Positive thinking gives you a reason to keep up with your pursuit for greatness and building self-confidence. The endorphins it releases inside of the body gives it the drive to move on.

Positive  thinking has some unconditional benefits:

* Positive thinking conquer battles before it begins.

* A new look is always there, readily available to put on every day.

* allows you to understand territorial limitations and shortcomings.

* Makes you a compass for driving yourself, team or organization forward to promise land.

You can achieve this strategy of positive thinking by paying utmost attention to what makes you thick or soft before, during and after the event of a life scenario.


"Being positive in thought is like having a seed planted beside a fountain"

Execute Your ideas

Ideas are like shooting stars. They come with multiple colours of hope and fashion of future gifts. They bring into reflection what awaits us in future and steps to follow to claim its reality.

But a situation whereby such ideas are left in the vacuum, unattended to or treated with levity, chaos set in and confidence begin to erode gradually.

How can you execute these ideas of yours to boost your confidence level?

* Take a step. At this junction, avoid evaluating your progress or failure at this early stage. Allow time to groom you and your level of maturity.

* Have an extension strategy or plan. Once your dream hits the ground, start running on it.

* Project the future in your strategy. Change is constant so also invention and innovation.

* Learn from likes mind and develop a formidable blueprint based on what you have learnt from their success and failure endeavours.

Confidence is like an iceberg, you need a sledgehammer (strong wheel) to break it into tiny pieces if you must sail smoothly on the ocean.

If you are a leader, don't be found wanting in this equation.


*Confidence is not an inheritance, it is an assignment that is done with a sound mind and a clenched fist"

Find a Growth Mentor

You can be sure of survival in the desert when food, water and blanket are provided for the journey. These same provisions are sure to guarantee growth when you come into contact with a mentor that has an impeccable track record in line with your zeal to boost your confidence.

Find a mentor that has a message to lift your soul. A mentor whose DNA is embedded in growth mentality. The beauty there is that:

* You will be constantly challenged never to be too comfortable or complacent with your yesterday success.

* You will place on a journey where today's success becomes a booster for tomorrow's hustling.

* You will see seeds of invention and innovation no matter where it is hidden.

* Sense of urgency becomes potent in tune with everyday demands for growth.

A growth mentor is a bridge to pass on to the other side where results, goals and achievements are the necessities for survival.

A growth mentor is a mirror, showing both the success of a blueprint and the failure attached to it at the initial stage.

They nurture your mind to be prepared for anything and never to back down for anything.

They encourage you to be:

* Strong when you are weak

* Optimistic when the picture is pessimistic

* A bull on the field and

* Silent in deep thoughts amid confusion

If you are looking for the best way to boost your confidence, look out for a growth mentor. You will learn a lot from their failure to build upon your own future experience.


"Don't sail on the ocean with a man that has never bath in a swimming pool"

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Written by   18
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