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Creating a system you want to see

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*Life is as simple as anything when you understand the principle guiding it.

*You can't build a house without, the foundation.

*You can't emerge victoriously if you are not disciplined and determined to take actions immediately, not just mere wishing for it.

*You can't be a success, if you are not doing what the successful people are doing, to get to where they are.

*You can't change your status quo, if only what you do is to be a photocopy of someone else instead of being the original copy of yourself.

*So many people, dream of becoming great in life.

Some wish to be successful, intelligent rich and influential to their world. But they are not doing anything to become what they have always wished for.

*Nowhere this You can not be where you have not worked very hard to reach.

*You cannot see or enter into that future of becoming tremendous and Rich, which you have not established or created at all.

*You can not be a conscious human if you have not determined to take the edition as your diet.

And you can not get to that your wished juncture in life if decide not to begin from somewhere today.

Because the mystery of getting ahead or somewhere is commencing from somewhere.

*So, therefore, create your regime now.

Build your future now.

Build your lifestyle now.

Build your relationship of meeting people that will elevate or challenge you to go far in life, not those that will make you useless and unimportant to society.

*Create the future you want to see now because you become the change you desires to witness in life.

*Read books that will enlighten your brain to think big always.

Feed your subconscious mind with the focus on what you desire to achieve in no distance of time, and starving your distractions that might hinder you from climbing up to your promise land.

*Work hard today.

*, pay the price today.

*Plan today and you will get the Prize and the fruits of your labour tomorrow.


What am about to share with you is a nugget that will change your mindset concerning your approach to life struggles.

Can I ask you this

-what are you fighting for in life.

-Are you fighting to win over a girl's heart.

-Are you fighting to eradicate poverty in your life.

-Are you fighting to be financially buoyant in life.

No worries, follow me carefully to discover the kind of fight you should engage in.

Fighting a good fight of greatness is what kept some people where they are up till now without going down.

In this life, you shouldn't fight a useless fight at all.

You shouldn't fight to destroy and blackmail the progress of your friends or any one's progress in life. 

Rather you should fight aggressively to attain visibility to be a success in your world.

I will tell you a story about a boy who fought a fight of DESTINY and came out victoriously.

Keep following carefully, we are getting to somewhere.

The story goes this way. His name is ONYEMAECHI(who knows tomorrow in English). He is the exclusive kid of his parents. His father died 8 years after his birth.

Living the poor boy to suffer.

His mother was a trader who sells foodstuffs to support her husband because they are not financially buoyant.

However, after the burial of ONYEMAECHI'S Father. His brother came and chased ONYEMAECHI'S mother and Him out from their house, living them homeless.

As time goes on they began to suffer. ONYEMAECHI had to do all manner of jobs, which he was doing to sustain himself and his mother.

As time goes, days flew into weeks, while weeks rushed into months. Months skyrockets into years, ONYEMAECHI grew up into a responsible fellow knowing fully well the background he came from. 

He saved some money through the menial jobs he was doing and used it to buy a bus.

Through the help of God, He gathered the money He made from His bus in combination, He sold the bus, did His papers and travelled out of the country (Thailand)'

Sincerely speaking, after 5years of travelling, He came back with lots of money. The house His wicked Uncle took from them, ONYEMAECHI retrieved it back from Him and built a mansion for His lovely mother.

Nevertheless, that His wicked Uncle became jealous of Him and he decided to kill Him, on His way to visit a native Doctor ( Dibia) He was structed by a car and the evil man died on the spot instantly.

ONYEMAECHI and His mother enjoyed life to the brim.

ONYEMAECHI fought a fight of DESTINY and He scaled through from being poor to becoming a great success to his world.

Now hear this, I don't know what you are fighting for oooo.

But what I want to tell you is, Fight for your destiny, future, and your purpose here on Earth to be actualized.

Fight to see that your dreams in life come true, through your hard work and consistency.

Fight to make sure, that your desire to be a successful, influential, wealthy, and impactful ongoing world is achieved.

Fight to eradicate poverty from your life.

Speak life and fight your way into becoming successful in life.

Do well not to waste your time and money on frivolities, but stay focused, dream big, and think Rich that's the best way to fight in the world today.

I would love to hear from concerning this in the comment section.

If this honoured you, share to bless others.

Till I come your way again.

To your prosperity.

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Written by   21
1 month ago
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